Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chapter One... The Billionaire Bachelor's Surprise Baby

In case you haven't heard, the link is live for The Billionaire Bachelor's Surprise Baby. Today I'm sharing chapter one of this fun, sexy book with you. 


Can an unexpected baby and a quirky nanny tame a wild billionaire?

I knocked up a twenty year old waitress but in my defense I thought she was twenty-two. Seriously. 

It was a sex-fueled fun three weeks with no strings until she got possessive of my time and my money. No one tells me where to be and when to be there and no one is entitled to my fortune. I broke things off and went about my privileged life. She resurfaces nine months later with a baby she claims is mine.

Can we say paternity test? She drops the kid off on my doorstep and leaves. Now I’m in over my head until a hot nanny shows up and all is taken care of. Including me...


Chapter One - Kyler

“Please, little guy.” Switching shoulders, I attempted to burp my three month old son Mason. My son? How the fuck did that happen? Well, I know how it happened, but how was I ever going to get used to it? “Cut your old man a break and stop crying.” Glancing at my watch, I frowned. “I have a conference call in ten minutes and your new nanny isn’t here.”
I paced the foyer, silently praying the agency sent over a capable woman to help me out of this jam. I didn’t mean to refer to my son as a problem, it was just, I didn’t expect to be anyone’s father, not at thirty. One week ago at this time I was a bachelor without a care in the world. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, and answered to no one. 
Staring down at the little round head that now rested on my shoulder, I still couldn’t believe Mason was mine.

One week earlier...
The doorbell chimed through the house, pulling me from a deep slumber. Fighting off jet lag from my recent trip to NY, I decided to sleep in. I wasn’t alone. I was never alone. The tangled mess of thoroughly fucked red hair was draped over my face. Lola. I grinned when I thought about how many times that little ginger made me lose my load last night. Maybe it wasn’t the jet lag that tired me out. I moved her to my chest, breathing in her sweet scent when that fucking doorbell echoed through the open foyer and right up into my bedroom.
“Expecting company?” Lola mumbled as she cuddled deeper into me. 
“Not really.” Stroking her firm ass, I debated letting the idiot outside my front door, unannounced, on a Sunday morning wait for me. When they started banging I was pissed. “For the love of fuck!” I slipped out of bed, threw on my sweatpants and stormed down the staircase, leaving Lola in my warm bed.
This better be important. Pulling open the large, cherry door I stood frozen. What the fuck is she doing here and with...
“Hey, Kyler.” Aimee Monroe looked at me with helpless, tired eyes. Her usually shiny blonde hair was messy and piled on top of her head, strands falling against her neck. “Can we come in?”
We? I glanced down at the tiny baby nestled in the car carrier. Was this supposed to get me to respond to a kid that wasn’t mine?
“Yeah.” Running my hand through my hair, I reluctantly widened the door, taking the diaper bag off her shoulder as she made her way inside. As much as I wanted to I couldn’t take my gaze away from the baby stretching and squirming in the carrier. He focused his blue eyes on me, unsettling me. “What are you doing here?”
“I thought it was time you met your son.”
“When you called me a few weeks ago I told you a paternity test was needed. I’ll have my attorney set something up and then we can go from there.” 
Aimee had contacted me out of nowhere telling me about her baby. When I made it clear I wouldn’t take any responsibility until I knew for certain the child was mine. She threw a temper tantrum and hung up. I hadn’t heard from her since so I just assumed she realized her scam wasn’t going to work, and found some other guy willing to take responsibility for a situation he probably hadn’t created either.
“Look at his eyes.” She pointed to the baby. “He looks just like you.”
“Just because we have the same color eyes doesn’t make us related.” I had to stop staring at the kid. It was those blue eyes that were haunting me. They were mine. I felt it someplace deep in my gut. “We were together for three weeks. I used protection. If you want me to believe he’s...” I took a calming breath. “What’s his name?”
“If you want me to believe Mason is mine and I highly doubt he is because let’s face it, we both know I wasn’t your first or your only.” We weren’t exclusive so she could have been with someone else during our brief fling. “I need proof.”
“You can get your own proof.” She bent down and unbuckled Mason from his seat, picking him up she held him close, kissing his bald head.
“I told you I would. I’ll set something up soon.” 
“No,” she raised her voice. “I’m exhausted and you’re no help.”
“How the hell was I supposed to help when I didn’t even know he existed? If you’re so sure he’s mine why didn’t you tell me sooner? Did someone else reject your accusations first and now you’re making your way down the line?”
“I can’t do this.” She held Mason close to her.
“I don’t want to fight with you either. I’ll contact my attorney and I’ll be in touch.”
“I mean I can’t handle doing this anymore.” Her eyes filled with tears. “I’m twenty years old. I just can’t.”
“Twenty?” What the hell? “A year ago you told me you were twenty-two.”
“Did it really matter?”
“That would mean you were...” Ah fuck!
“Kyler?” Lola called as she came down the staircase in my t-shirt and nothing else. “What’s going on?”
“Nice,” Aimee said. “Looks like you haven’t changed one bit.”
“Who is this?” Lola asked.
“I’m the woman he deposited his DNA sample in and left me with a baby.” She pushed Mason toward me. “Here.” 
My reflexes kicked in and I cradled the little guy in my arms. He didn’t even open his eyes.  “What are you doing?” I asked, terrified of this ten pound baby. When had I ever held an infant? Never!
“Leaving.” She turned toward the door but not before I saw the tears stream down her face.
“Aimee.” Mason jumped in my arms. “Aimee,” I lowered my voice. “You can’t leave him here. I can’t... I’m too busy. I don’t even know if he’s mine.”
When she slammed the door, Mason started crying. 
“What the fuck!” I looked to Lola who was now climbing the stairs. “Where are you going?”
“Home.” She glanced over the railing that looked into the foyer. “You’re a little too busy for me. I want fun, sex, parties, alcohol. Not diapers, vomit and babies.”
“Wait.” I chased her up the steps. “I need your help. I’m in the middle of a huge deal to expand my gyms in New York. I have those guys in London interested in opening two facilities. I’m on the verge of signing with that running company to sponsor Team Ky. I can’t take care of a kid.”
“And I can?” She placed her hands on her hips. “I’m hopping on a plane to Milan in two days. I have a runway to walk. I don’t get pregnant for a reason. You should be more careful who you sleep with.” She went to my bedroom and gathered her clothes. “I had a great time this week. New York was fantastic but I’m not interested in a ready-made family.”
“I’m not asking you to marry me.” I shook my head, shuddering at that thought. “Just help me out.”
“I don’t know what to do with that.” She motioned toward Mason. “I don’t even have a dog.”
“Neither do I.”
“Kyler.” Here it comes. It was usually me delivering the blow. “We had an amazing week but I’m not going down this road with you.” She picked up her bag and briskly walked by me. “Good luck. If you get it resolved, call me.”
Like that’s gonna happen. Shallow b–

And here I was, one week later with a kid and a confirmed paternity test. I knocked up a twenty year old nit-wit who just ditched her baby with... me.
“Where is that nanny?” I rocked Mason in my arm as I went over the latest sales report. The numbers for Team Ky, my fitness clubs, were soaring. Everyone wanted to be fit these days and we were reaping the benefits. What started out five years ago as a small time gym where I trained my friends turned into a multi-billion dollar business with locations in most of California was now expanding into New York and London. Two of my biggest deals in one month. Aimee couldn’t have picked a worse time to throw a tantrum. That was why I’d dumped her. She was way too immature for even me. I should have figured out she was younger than she said.
The doorbell tolled throughout the foyer. “Thank God!” I pulled open the door, getting ready to tell my newest potential employee she was late, but when I locked my gaze with her spectacular grey eyes I lost my thought process.
“Mr. Barton,” she said. “I–”
“Come in.” 
She hesitated, almost as if my request had taken her by surprise, but she was the one who had caught me off guard. I never imagined the agency would send me this hot, little number in a lavender sundress. How was she going to take care of a baby in those ‘please lick me’ stilettos? Her long, dark hair flowed down her shoulders and to her mid-arms. Nannies were supposed to look like that nun from The Sound of Music or that Brit chick from Mary Poppins. Wait, they were the same person, weren’t they? Who the fuck cares? 
The nanny standing in front of me was going to work out just fine.



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