Thursday, December 3, 2015

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You'll NEVER watch a DIY show the same way again...

49 Reviews and counting! See why readers are going all swoon-like for The Maddox Brothers!

Get lucky with the Maddox Brothers...

Successful brothers Hudson and Liam Maddox are living the lives they’ve always dreamed of. Neither is looking for a relationship, more interested in keeping their single status with the ladies. That all changes when Kennedy and Chelsea enter their lives.

Hudson has been focusing on his career and building a solid business in the real estate industry. The charismatic attorney has recently been named the most eligible bachelor in town. He's never been interested in settling down until he collides with the easygoing Kennedy. She invades his orderly life in a matter of days. Has this carefree younger woman been what's missing in his meticulous world?

Content with his life, Liam has built his own construction business and takes pride from it's excellent reputation. After having his heart broken years ago, he’s decided not to take any relationship too seriously. But then the woman who tore his heart up years ago returns and hires his company for her home renovations. Trying to keep his cool around Chelsea is damn near impossible. All he has to do is complete the renovation and then never see Chelsea again. As if it was that simple.

Can a determined realtor show a flighty house flipper the ropes? Or will these two flop before they get started?

No nonsense real estate attorney Hudson Maddox puts everything he has into his company. He’s spent the last ten years traveling, securing clients and making big deals. His charismatic personality makes him quite popular with women.  At thirty-five he’s growing tired of hook-ups, bachelor auctions and women who are only after his checkbook. He’s become restless and bored, but when a new client wreaks havoc on his very orderly life she invigorates him.

House flipper Kennedy Harper knows her way around a construction site. She’s made a career of buying homes, fixing them up and turning them over. She’s never been much of a girly girl so when she catches the eye of Hudson, the town’s popular, sexy bachelor, she’s not sure what to do about him. He has a reputation, and not with women who aren’t afraid of hard work. He intimidates her, and that excites her.

Hudson’s not sure what it is about the carefree Kennedy, but he can’t seem to get her off his mind. He’s never met anyone like her. She’s chaotic and in the moment. The complete opposite of anything he’s used to. Can the free spirit invade the heart of a meticulous man who puts his job above all else?

Can one renovation mend two broken hearts?

Fourteen years ago, Chelsea Sampson walked away from the man she loved because she didn’t want to settle down fresh out of high school. When the opportunity arose to take over the small town of Morgan's newspaper, she jumped at it. Little did she know when she purchased the fixer upper, her life would be entwined with her first love again.

Liam Maddox has poured his heart and soul into his construction business, and it’s paid off. There isn’t another company around that can provide the reliability and trust that his does. But when Chelsea calls needing his company to help with her renovations, feelings start to resurface, and not just the anger he’s held deep inside. 

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