Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tease Us Thursday... The Maddox Brothers... sexy, alpha, panty-dropping!

We're about two weeks away from the release of The Maddox Brothers. Just wait until you meet Hudson and Liam. Two alpha brothers who know exactly what they want and how to get it!


Get lucky with the Maddox Brothers...

Successful brothers Hudson and Liam Maddox are living the lives they’ve always dreamed of. Neither is looking for a relationship, more interested in keeping their single status with the ladies. That all changes when Kennedy and Chelsea enter their lives.

Hudson has been focusing on his career and building a solid business in the real estate industry. The charismatic attorney has recently been named the most eligible bachelor in town. He's never been interested in settling down until he collides with the easygoing Kennedy. She invades his orderly life in a matter of days. Has this carefree younger woman been what's missing in his meticulous world?

Content with his life, Liam has built his own construction business and takes pride from it's excellent reputation. After having his heart broken years ago, he’s decided not to take any relationship too seriously. But then the woman who tore his heart up years ago returns and hires his company for her home renovations. Trying to keep his cool around Chelsea is damn near impossible. All he has to do is complete the renovation and then never see Chelsea again. As if it was that simple.


Hudson Maddox

“You like control, don’t you?” Kennedy pressed her lips to his jaw. “What is it you want to do with that control?”
“Whatever you’ll allow me to do.” He released her hands and stepped back, lowering his gaze and taking in her nakedness. “I have a request.”
“Tell me,” she whispered. 
“Undress me.”
Holy fuck!
She smiled when she thought about peeling him out of that suit. She moved toward him and finished where she had left off down stairs with his shirt. Her hands weren’t as steady as she would have liked, but there was an intimidation as he watched her every move. Once the buttons were undone, she slid her hands along his chest and to his shoulders, but when she tried to push the shirt from him he stopped her.
“You have to get these first.” He flipped over his wrists and pointed to his cufflinks. 
“Don’t apologize.” He undid the right cufflink and set it on the high dresser next to where they stood. “We have all night.”
“I know, but I want your clothes off too.” Releasing his left sleeve from the black and gold cufflink, she placed it on the dresser to join its mate. “This too?” She traced her finger over his wrist and took off his watch, putting that with the cufflinks. “Now this.” She resumed removing his shirt and dropping it to the floor. “This next?” Grasping the hem of his T-shirt, she slowly lifted it over his torso, skimming her knuckles over his hot, hard abs. Pulling it over his head, she tossed it on top of his dress shirt. “You’re quite impressive.” She studied his muscular arms, chest and stomach, noting the light dusting of hair that disappeared into his pants.
“I was thinking the same thing about you.” Running the back of his hand over her breasts, her nipples hardened in response. “There’s something extremely sensual about you taking my clothes off, but I do have one more request that would make this a much more pleasurable experience.”
“What’s that?”
“Take your panties off.”

Liam Maddox

"Chels, what are you doing?”
“I’m not going to fight this anymore. Maybe we need to do this at least once. We both fucking want it.” Her hand was on the button of her jeans. “Just once, Liam. Please.”
Just once? Would that be enough? He shoved the door shut as she shimmied out of her jeans. She stood before him in the sexiest pair of gray lace panties and bra. She’d filled out over the years. Her waist dipped in, giving her that sexy hour glass shape. Her breasts were larger. She was still all legs with a sexy pair of thick thighs.
“Damn you,” he muttered.
She came toward him as he clenched his hands into fists. He couldn’t resist. This wasn’t right. But he couldn’t not be with her. Not when she was in front of him almost naked, wanting him.
She ran her hands over his chest and his resistance crumbled. He picked her up and headed toward his bedroom, kicking the door shut loudly with his foot. He roughly dropped her on to his bed. He had too much pent up energy to be the sweet lover she was looking for from years ago. Things had changed in him and he was going to show her just what kind of lover he was now.
“I’m demanding in bed.” He removed his shirt. “Are you sure about this?”

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