Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tease Us Thursday... The Cannon Brothers

Have you met my Cannon Brothers? Both books are available now and stand alone but The Weekend Proposition takes place first.


Coda waited for Spencer to turn off the faucet before she tapped on the door. She was about to make good on her promise.

“Can I come in?” she asked.

She opened the door and walked into the bathroom as he shaved. His towel hung low off

his hips. The whole bathroom smelled of him. It made her insides quiver. When he caught a glimpse of her in the mirror he dropped his razor into the sink.
“You dropped something,” she said as she reached for her makeup bag. “This bathroom is big enough for us to share. You don’t mind, do you?”
“You’re practically naked.” He gawked at her lacey silver bra and matching thong.
“If we were on the beach, you’d see me in my bikini.” She took in his damp skin, mesmerized by the drop of water that trickled down his chest. She watched as it disappeared into the towel just above his...
Stay in control. I need to seduce him.
“We’re not on the beach.” He picked up his razor and rinsed it off under the faucet. “If we were, there is no way in hell I’d allow you wear something like that.”

“Really? You wouldn’t allow me?”

“No.” He growled.
“Why not? Don’t you like the way I look?”
“That’s not the point.” He struggled not to look at her but she saw his gaze make contact

with her body in the reflection of the mirror. “I’d have to kill anyone who looked at you.” “You did pay for this underwear, so I figured you should at least get to see it.”

“That was very kind of you.” He concentrated on shaving.
She applied her makeup, hoping he’d make some kind of move to let her know he was

interested in her. He’d admitted it the night before. She had to get him to act on it.

When he finished, he wiped his face with a warm washcloth but missed a spot just under

his left earlobe. She shimmied her way in between him and the counter. He looked down at her lips. She used that to her advantage as she slowly ran the tip of her tongue along them.
“Let me help you.” She reached up and swiped her thumb across his jaw and to the small spot of shaving cream he’d left behind. “You missed some.” She held out her thumb to show him
before using his towel to wipe it off. She squeezed his rock hard thigh. “You’re so muscular.” “What are you doing?” His words were controlled but clipped. “I thought we decided—” “You decided.” She closed the space between them. “I bet your chest is just as toned as
your legs.” She trailed her fingers along his pecs and down to his stomach, tracing each of his well-defined six pack abs during her exploration. The lower she went, the harder his breathing became.
“Stop taunting me.” He lifted her up and sat her on the cool tiled counter, spreading her legs as he stepped in between them.
“Or what?” she challenged him.
“You’ll find out just how aggressive I can be.” He gripped her inner thighs. “But you probably like it rough.”
“I—” The feel of him sliding his fingers inside her panties halted her witty comeback. She moaned when he ran his thumb along her slit.
“You’re so wet.” He moved his freshly shaven jaw against her cheek as he pushed his fingers inside her. “Is this all for me?”

She rocked her hips, trying to get him to go deeper, but gasped when he pulled out of her. “We’re going to be late.” He rubbed his wet thumb along her bottom lip.

She tried to slow her erratic breathing as she stared into his eyes. Why did he stop?
“I’m never late.” He leaned in and licked the moisture from her lip. “Now be a good little

girl and get dressed.”


He dropped to his knees, taking her ankle in his hand. “Let’s get you naked.”
He undid the strap of her shoe, bringing her foot to his lips and kissing the top of it before sliding the stiletto off and dropping it onto the floor. He moved to her other foot and did the same.
“Such dainty, little feet.” He slid his hands up her legs, spreading her thighs so he could kneel between them. “You can tell me to stop if you get uncomfortable.”

“I don’t want you to stop.”

He lowered his head, kissing the top of her thighs. “Lie back for me.”
She lay back on the fluffy comforter, sinking into the mattress and closing her eyes when

he dipped his head between her legs. The heat of his slick tongue left a moist path as he hooked his fingers in her panties. Her stomach muscles tightened when he lowered them over her hips and down her thighs. Kissing his way back up her legs, he bypassed her most exposed area, dragging his lips up her stomach and to her breasts.
“There isn’t a part of you that I don’t want to explore.” As he kissed her breasts, he moved his hand to her mound, seeking out her entrance.
“Tyler,” she cried out when he slipped his fingers inside her. Hitching her leg up over his hip, she rocked into his hand. That delicious feeling he’d created in his office was front and center. Teetering on the brink for a few minutes and then pulling back, he threw her into a frantic chaos. “Please...” 

Which Cannon Brother do you want? How about both?

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