Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tease Us Thursday... Stealing His Heart #teaseusthursday

Do you like your baseball players hot and dirty?

The women in the small crowd ohh’d and ahh’d as Pax and Sophia made their way onto the dance floor.

“What’s that about?” Pax took her hand in his as he wrapped the other around her waist.

“They act like they’ve never seen a man ask a woman to dance before.”

“I think it’s the man who’s doing the asking that has them giddy.” She giggled. “They’re all impressed that I’ve managed to keep you interested this long.”

“You’ve got me under some spell, that’s for sure.” When he spun her around she laughed.

He could taste the pomegranate martini on her breath when he kissed her. “How many did you have?”

“I’m not drunk.”

“I’m not saying you are.” He pulled her to him, grinning when he thought about those nights when she had one too many. “I just want to know what kind of night I’m gonna have.”

“I’d say a real good one.” She licked her lips.

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  1. Oh that Pax is something else! Cannot wait to see what book brings us!!