Saturday, December 14, 2013

Spotlight... Nancy Henderson

Title:  Shadow’s Promise 
By:  Nancy Henderson 
Genre:  Historical romance 
Published:  September 2013

Jessie McCrea flees to the colonial frontier for a new life free from servitude.  When she uncovers a tomahawk buried on her property, she never expects to find a most insufferable Mohawk warrior attached to it.  Shadow represents everything she’s escaped from and she will stop at nothing to maintain her life of peace and solitude.
Haunted by his past, Shadow must keep his people from being destroyed in the upcoming war between the Colonists and the British.  Jessie is everything Shadow left behind.  He does not deserve her, yet he is uncontrollably attracted to her.  He must make Jessie see that life with him will be anything but captivity.  
A captive heart is a dangerous prospect…
“Woman, you are trespassing.”
Nearly jumping out of her skin, Jessie dropped the tomahawk.  She whirled to find a half-naked Indian standing within inches of her. 
She was too dumbstruck to do anything but stare.  With the exception of a string of beaver claws suspended from his neck, the man wore nothing but a leather breechcloth which exposed bold, well-defined muscles.  He had sleek, foxlike features, high cheekbones, and a prominent jaw.  His hair, black as night, fell nearly to  his waist, and his left ear was pierced with copper rings. 
“You are trespassing.” His English was astonishingly good.  Never taking his gaze from her, he threw down the two large bundles of beaver pelts he carried, picked up the tomahawk and inspected it.  “Who are you?”
Jessie froze, her gaze fixed on the huge knife at his belt. 
This man was as wild looking as if he had come from the fiery gates of hell.  She had heard too many horror tales.  Of innocent babies getting their heads bashed against tree trunks.  Of men burned alive or forced to run gauntlets of two or three hundred warriors.  And she didn’t even want to think about what they did to women. 

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Author Bio: 
I’m Nancy Henderson, and I write historical romance and paranormal romance…sometimes a combination of the two.  I’m an active member of the Romance Writers of America and Central New York Romance Writers, a chapter of RWA.  I sold my first novel in 2003 and have been on this crazy ride ever since. 
I married my own romance hero and live in a 150 year old restored farmhouse, complete with deer, raccoons, and the occasional rogue skunk running through my gardens.  Life is pretty normal.  I’m a cat mom, coffee addict, and I own far too many books. 
I love hearing from readers.  You can find me on my website:, or e-mail me at

Thanks for having me, Ella! 

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