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Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthursday

We're back. I hope you all had a wonderful summer. Now how about some steamy romances to heat up your chilly fall evenings? We have plenty to choose from!

***Some teasers may contain adult content***

She stared at the steel rings and then up into his cold, unreadable eyes, and the blood rushed out of her face and tightened around her throat.
“Are you arresting me?”
A brief quiver at the corner of his mouth made her wonder if he were trying to suppress a smile. “No, my pet. You say you trust me. Do you trust me enough to let me put these on you? To leave yourself open and helpless to anything and everything I have planned for you?”
Her eyes widened and her mouth opened, but no words came out. She didn’t know what to say. A tiny voice in her head reminded her of everything she’d been taught to think about women being strong and independent. Everything she had believed about herself bristled at the idea of-of-of submitting to his will. She was a feminist, for God’s sake. But the words “leave yourself open and helpless to anything and everything I have planned for you” had reached between her legs as if he had actually touched her there. Her arousal shamed her, and the blood returned to bloom in her cheeks even as it rushed to her womb.
“Do you trust me to stop at any time—if you ever feel uncomfortable—when you say the word?” When she still said nothing, he added, “You remember the word?”
She nodded. Apple, she said to herself.
“What is your answer, Alicia?”
She glanced back at the cuffs then up into his eyes. What the hell was she doing?


Redmond laughed his joyous, infectious laugh and threw an affectionate arm around her shoulders. Lisa leaned into his embrace, sharing in the laughter. She’d expected the world suddenly to feel different, but if anything things seemed to feel more normal than they had for some time. The easy camaraderie she’d shared with Redmond before he left was back, and it felt perfectly natural to snuggle closer into his chest and rest her hand on his warm, firm thigh.
The only problem was, it felt so good she couldn’t quite believe it was happening.
“Is this for real?” The words had slipped out before she’d realised she’d spoken.
“Real?” Redmond pulled back until he could look her in the eye again. “Does this feel real to you?”
Once again, his lips were on hers, but this time he held nothing back. His warm tongue teased her mouth into opening for him, tasting his warmth and the slight tang of alcohol on his breath. It felt real, and wonderful. Lisa let herself feel that, yes, it was real. His warm hands on her shoulders. His lips on hers. It was all so real, so perfect, that she hardly dared to let herself breathe, in case she spoiled the moment. Finally he pulled back, just far enough to let her see the desire in his blue eyes. And she believed in that. But, after all this time, how could she be certain it was enough?


Lapses of Memory is a novel in which two romances intertwine as a mother recounts her life-long love affair while her daughter juggles two lovers.  The story follows the exploits of rival journalists Sydney Bellek and Elian Davies as they travel the globe reporting on world catastrophes. In one encounter they find themselves embroiled in the revolution in Iran. A few years later, attempting to scoop each other on the Lebanese Civil War, they’re kidnapped and only barely escape. Their love is reignited each time they meet, but in the long years following each encounter Sydney forgets him. For his part, Elian knows from the age of seven that they are meant for each other. Only after surviving wars, revolutions, and years of separation does she realize they are meant for each other, but in a twist of fate it is now Elian who has forgotten her. Will he regain his memory and remember her or will their new love be enough to replace the old one?

Meanwhile,  their daughter Olivia must deal with her own dilemma—how to choose between the rich and dashing Frenchman Remy de Beaumec who wants to take her around the world, and the steady, quiet American Benjamin Knox who only wants to make her happy. Sydney watches, waits, and hopes her daughter will make the right choice.


Cynthia Arsuaga

Camille’s breathing increased, her heart raced, and he sensed them both. “That is not what she told me. You don’t have a heart and use people for your satisfaction. Let me go!” She twisted and turned to wrangle from his grip. “What do you want, my blood?”
Focus shifted to the pulsing vein in her neck. “No, don’t flatter yourself, sweetheart.”
“Don’t presume to know and call me sweetheart.” Her eyes flashed and the color grew a darker green. “I won’t become one of your blood whores.”
Ramsey’s grin widened as his attention fixated on Camille’s face. “I could say the same. I’m particular about the women I take from and you’re not my type, blood or sex.” He swept an arm around her waist. “I can find any woman on the streets more than eager to quench my thirst, any night of the week and any time I desire. I don’t need you.”
Something indefinable in Camille’s expression drew Ramsey as he turned attention to her parted mouth. An element of desire and defiance in the way she held herself sparked a red-hot challenge to the vampire security investigator to force the older woman’s submission.
Her chin tilted up just a fraction, and Ramsey almost laughed with delight at the defiant way she played the game so well.
“Maybe that eez true, but I don’t need you either. I’d rather sell my soul than let you have your way weeth me.”

Full lips curved into a smile.


Gray Dixon

You have two choices. One, I call law enforcement and have you arrested for breaking into a private club and falsifying documents.”
“You can’t do that. Who claims I’ve faked anything? It’ll never hold up in court. I filled out your stupid papers correctly, and—”
“Oh, I can, and I will. Second, you may always choose to remain, submit to my command as punishment, and I might consider not pressing charges. According to Andrew, no one seems to remember you attending the indoctrination. Why is that? Think before you answer with your choice.”
She swallowed hard. “Those aren’t choices. How about I just leave, promise not to say anything to anyone, and we can forget you ever saw me?” He offered a viable argument, but she wouldn’t let him know that. At the same time, she didn’t want to fight this battle. She could see the headlines now. ‘Prominent Dallas attorney arrested for falsifying membership paperwork to a BDSM club as well as caught participating in a whipping scene.’ Oh yeah, that will do wonders for my career. Shellac! I have to submit to this man as punishment? Oh God, which would be worse?
“I wasn’t born yesterday. Try again.”
If she had to do this, maybe he’d finally give up and let her leave if she fought him every step of the way. That sounded like a good plan. “I’ll stay,” she murmured.
“Good girl. Now do as I said. Remove the corset—now.”


Tim and Barrett barely let the jet coast to a stop before they piled out of it. They ran over to marine One and climbed aboard. They were on the elevator to the bottom of the bunker fifteen minutes later. Barrett was a little excited. It was kind of cool being in the middle of all this action. He’d explored a few caves over the years, but this was more than a natural landmark. This was real life, end of the world action.
The descent was quick and Barrett’s ears popped several times. The air turned humid and cool in just a couple of minutes. When the elevator stopped, Barrett followed Tim into the dark hallway. Barrett didn’t know what to expect. He was a little surprised they would hide the President in an unfurnished wall of rock, but he figured it was better than suffering a slow, painful death at the hands of prions.
When they went down the last narrow staircase, Barrett had to pick his jaw up off the ground. They walked into a room that looked like the foyer of the White House. He looked around as much as possible as he worked to keep up with a hustling Tim and their guide. Barrett chuckled a little to himself at his earlier thought about them leaving the President in a rock cave. In no time, they were in the subterranean oval office. Barrett was a little dumbstruck when he first met the President. He didn’t know if he should salute, bow, shake her hand, kiss her hand, or what. Therefore, he did the most natural thing.  He stood there staring silently at her. 


Tara Mills

The water closed over their heads as their mouths sealed. Jackson’s left arm locked around Sabrina’s waist and his right captured the back of her head as he took over and took her under in oh-so-many ways.
They breached the surface two minutes later with ragged gasps and kicking feet.
“That was unexpected,” Jackson said, grinning from ear to ear.
Sabrina smiled. “I thought I’d start off this inning since you were making such a mess of things.”
“Is that right?” He reached out and caught the front of her suit and towed her in to give her another lingering kiss, softer this time. “If we’re going to be playing, I should probably understand the rules. I don’t want to be penalized for committing an error I didn’t even know about.”
“Such as?” She combed back his damp hair and toyed lazily with the shell of his ear. Jackson hummed with approval.
“For instance, if I do this…” He cupped her left breast and her lashes fluttered at the contact. “Will it get me sent back to the dugout?”
Her voice was low, husky when she finally focused on his eyes. “No, I think that’s perfectly legal as long as you don’t ignore the right.”
“This one here?” He shifted to the other breast and gave it a squeeze.
“Exactly.” She let out a deep drawn-out moan.
“I have more questions.”
“Let’s hear them.”
He released her breast and reached around, planting both hands on her bottom. When he pulled her close, she was almost dizzy from all the ways she could feel him. Their practically naked torsos were pressed tightly together, their legs engaged in an unseen dance to keep them afloat, and, and, and, oh, god, and that unmistakable reminder that he had an awful lot to offer a girl was digging into her pubic bone. If she wrapped her legs around him, would she drown them both?
“I’m sorry.” She shook herself out of her sexual stupor. “I forgot the question. “Could you repeat it?”
“Of course.” Chuckling, he gave her ass another luxuriant squeeze.
“No,” she said breathlessly. “I can’t imagine how that could possibly qualify as unsportsmanlike conduct.”
He kissed her again and this time Sabrina skimmed her hands down his back and went for his ass.
Kneading his muscular glutes, she sighed, overjoyed to finally satisfy this recurring fantasy of hers. Jackson didn’t seem to mind.
“One last question,” he said, moving his fingers over her bottom in a most satisfying way.
“Mmm, shoot.”
“Were you hoping I’d do this,” he tugged the tie at the back of her neck and the bow pulled apart, “when you put this on?”
Unable to speak, she simply nodded.
“Are all the ties in play?”
“That’s another question.”
“Just answer it.”

“All in play.” Her heart stuttered at the sudden flare of heat in his eyes.
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