Sunday, September 8, 2013

In just 7 days... The Weekend Proposition by Ella Jade

I'm really excited about this one. Can you tell? LOL

One weekend—no strings, no expectations, and no commitments. On Sunday afternoon it all ends, or does it?

No-nonsense businessman Spencer Cannon has a dilemma. He’s headed to Connecticut for the weekend to attend his cousin’s elaborate wedding. His whole family will be there in addition to his obsessed ex-girlfriend Ava. According to Spencer’s brother, Ava has been telling her friends she’s planning a magical reunion with her favorite ex-boyfriend. Spencer’s not in the mood to deal with her, but he can’t miss the wedding. He needs a plan.

Struggling Brooklyn waitress and aspiring graphic designer Dakota Vercelli has fallen on hard times. College debts, pending eviction, and her sick mother are taking a toll on her. A chance encounter with Mr. Cannon, CEO of Cannon and Carrington Advertising, leads to a proposition that may be just the thing to solve both of their problems. Spencer’s offer—spend four days with him during the wedding festivities and keep his ex off his trail. In return, he’ll compensate her generously for her time. He needs a weekend girlfriend, and Dakota needs the cash.

It was just supposed to be a business deal, but after sharing a room, kissing under the stars, and attending a wedding, their attraction is undeniable. Will the illusion end when the weekend is over or is the proposition just the beginning?

Content Warning: contains mature language and graphic sexual content


Here's a new excerpt...

“I’m guessing you’re not here for the grilled cheese. What brings you to Brooklyn?”

“I’ve never had grilled cheese before but maybe I’ll try it, Dakota.” Obviously he had checked her file to use her given name.

“Everyone calls me Coda, Mr. Cannon.”

“Why don’t you call me Spencer?”

“Okay, Spencer, what can I do for you?”

“A ‘to the point’ kind of girl. I like that.” The right side of his lips rose slightly, creating a sexy, crooked smile. “I’m a businessman and I need something.”

From me?

“I think you may benefit from my offer.” He continued to stare directly into her eyes causing her to cower from the influence she found there. She’d never backed away from a guy before but there was something different about him.

“What makes you think that? You don’t know anything about me.”

“I overheard your conversation with your mother last night.” He stopped for a second, but before she could open her mouth to protest, he continued. “You were in my private kitchen. I did try to make my presence known but you didn’t hear me.”
“How much did you hear?” She fidgeted with her hands, trying hard to break the Italian habit of using them when she talked. She had a tendency to get loud when she felt stressed. The conversation with her mother had caused her some anxiety.

“Enough to know you’re in need of financial assistance.”

“I’ll figure it out. I always do.” She didn’t like discussing her finances, or lack thereof, with a stranger. She didn’t care how rich and good-looking he was. It was none of his business.

“I have a proposition for you.”

“A proposition?” What could he possibly have to offer her?

“I have to attend my cousin’s wedding this weekend. Actually, I have to leave tomorrow afternoon. I don’t want to go alone for reasons I don’t wish to discuss right now. I need someone to accompany me. I’m offering that to you.”

“And you think I’m ‘to the point’?”


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