Monday, September 30, 2013

Friends and Lovers by Tara Mills

Can the man of Lauren’s dreams save her from the man in her nightmares?

Wes Dunlop was a hot commodity in high school and the ruin of good reputations, so it was easy to criticize the guy when his sister did it too. Then Lauren McKay actually met her best friend’s brother, and she was intrigued. When he came to her rescue, she was doomed. Afraid to admit her change of heart, Lauren hid her secret from both of them.

Fifteen years later Wes is back. Now a dedicated cop, he’s determined to win Lauren—the girl he can’t forget and the only one his sister demanded he leave alone. But he finds that Lauren’s life is a lot more complicated than he imagined.

Personal tragedy made Lauren a fierce defender of battered women. However, when a dangerous gunman tracks his wife to Lauren’s shelter, the protector becomes the target.  Her life suddenly in the balance, nothing will stop Wes from doing everything in his power to rescue her. 


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Lauren’s blanket spilled over the side of the bed, her pillow was on the floor, and what remained of the untucked sheet was twisted and only covered one leg. Her lashes had fused during the night and there was a scowl on her face only the liberal application of a cold washcloth would erase. It had not been an easy night.
For hours she’d tossed and turned, haunted by her actions and distraught by Wes’s eventual reaction. To her extreme displeasure she couldn’t turn her thoughts off. Over and over again the scene played in her head, reminding her of her thoughts at the time, the sensations, the short lived euphoria she’d felt. When she finally slept it wasn’t much of an improvement. That’s when her imagination kicked into overtime and built upon what she’d learned that afternoon.
Wes had soft lips surrounded by rough skin. She liked the stark contrasts and how his whiskers felt brushing her more delicate skin when he kissed her. She didn’t mind that he subtly schooled her when their lips sealed. She’d never been kissed like that before. Wes was the first to demonstrate that kissing was a carnal act. She’d always suspected it, but she didn’t have the evidence to back it up until now. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there.
Intimate visions of Wes plagued Lauren throughout the night. There was an element of shame, of need, of desperation when she submitted, but she always submitted and welcomed him into her arms and her body.
A persistent annoying sound jarred Lauren awake and she groped for her pillow, hoping to drown it out. She growled when she couldn’t find the stupid thing. The irritating sound wasn’t going away. She rolled over with a groan and reached out blindly for her phone, her hand hitting it hard enough to hurt her.
“What!” she snapped.
“Lauren?” There was an unmistakable giggle on the other end.
“Sherry?” Lauren tried to orient herself.
“Right in one. I have a proposition for you.”
Oh hell, so did her brother last night. “I’m listening.”

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