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Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthursday

I've been a little lazy with this segment over the past few weeks. The summer left me a bit busier than I thought but coming this fall I'd like to bring this feature back full force.



She was prepared to be polite, let him do his thing and send him on his way. But when she looked at the man standing there, her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth and all her breath was trapped in her lungs. Faith had told her Troy Arsenault was a former SEAL and as far as Summer was concerned, he could have been the poster boy for recruiting. He was as tall as Mark, with a lean runner’s body and deeply tanned skin. His light brown hair was just a tad long, curling at the neck of his shirt, the kind of hair a woman wanted to run her fingers through.

But it was his face that was the most arresting. Ruggedly handsome, like Mark, high cheekbones were slashes on either side of his nose and eyes the color of melted chocolate studied her from beneath unexpectedly dark eyebrows and lashes.

Holy crap!

Her reaction to him was hot and totally unexpected and she made a deliberate effort to tamp it down. For one thing, he was only here to make sure she was safe. For another, her history with men was so unpleasant that she’d decided to swear off them completely. The last thing she needed was to have her ruthlessly controlled hormones decide to take a walk on the wild side. How terribly inconvenient that those hormones chose this particular moment to start galloping through her system again. Maybe she should have insisted harder to Faith that she didn’t need anyone.

Ella Jade

“Tell me what would happen if you brought your sub back after dinner.” Ari squeezed her legs shut, trying to create some friction.


“Because I want to understand you.”

Martin paused for a moment, pondering her request. “We wouldn’t be talking, because her mouth would be otherwise occupied.” He swiped his thumb along her bottom lip.

“Oh,” she whispered.

He whispered into her ear, “After she served me orally, I’d reward her with my tongue, but I wouldn’t allow her to come.”

“You wouldn’t?” She swallowed hard.

“No, I’d bring her to the brink and let her savor the feeling. A Dom is nothing without his control.” He slipped the strap of her dress down her shoulder as he placed hot, open-mouth kisses along her jaw. “I say when and how many times she comes. Her climaxes belong to me.”

“What if she can’t help it?” Ari thought she might come just from his warm, wet mouth on her skin. How could any woman ever be expected to hold off when in his presence?

“She’d better.” He jerked his hips forward, pressing his erection into her thigh.

A low moan escaped her lips when she thought about the possibility of disobeying him.

“If she didn’t, I’d punish her.” He moved the other strap over her shoulder, pulling her dress down to her hips and letting it fall to the floor. “I’d bring her to the edge of insanity with my riding crop, slapping between her inner thighs and breasts. She wouldn’t know if it was pain or pleasure because the sensation on her nipples and clit would be far too intense.”

Ari stepped out of her dress that now pooled around her feet. She stood before him in nothing but her thong and heels. Could she offer herself to him?

“That kind of play isn’t for everyone, Arianna.” He licked his lips as he took in her exposed chest. “You’re exquisite.”

“I don’t know what to be for you.” She ran her fingers through her hair. “Tell me what you want.”

“You.” He brushed his lips against hers.

“What if I’m not enough for you?” Ari seemed to lose all confidence when it came to Martin. “What if I can’t be—”

“Shh.” He kissed her hard on the mouth. “Will you share my bed with me?”

She’d never seen him look unsure before, but she recognized the vulnerability in his eyes. It matched her own.

“I’ve never asked anyone to come to my bed. It’s usually not a request.” He twirled a strand of her hair around his finger. “I want to be with you.” He kissed her softer than before. “Please.”


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