Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spotlight with Jane Wakely

Title: One True Love
Author: Jane Wakely
Genre: Paranormal/Vampire Romance
Publisher: Rebel Ink Press

Dawn only wanted to spend her life with one man. Despite his secrets, she knew Victor was meant for her. As their relationship grew, she patiently waited for the trust he never gave until he unexpectedly said goodbye and disappeared leaving no way to be found. He took his secret and left her with a broken heart. 

He should have stayed away from her, but the pull was too great. Victor wanted to know what it felt like to be held by the one woman destined for him, his one true love. But he was in too deep. The thought of seeing Dawn look at him with hatred or disgust was worse than spending an eternity alone. She’d be able to love again and never know what a true monster he was.

After six months of watching them live in misery, a mutual friend persuades both Victor and Dawn to agree to a blind date in an effort to try and move on. Neither suspects their friend’s plan and soon they find themselves sharing a hotel room at an exclusive resort for the weekend. Desperate for each other, they agree to one last night together—until that one night of passion changes everything.

Dawn studied herself in the mirror while she took deep breaths and tried to calm her nerves. The ride up the mountain, while beautiful, made her nauseous. When she stepped into the resort she raced straight for the restroom, cupped her hands under the faucet, and swallowed large gulps of water until her stomach settled.

Why hadn’t her friend warned her? The wobbly hotel shuttle was the only vehicle allowed on the private mountain road. The twist and turns of the road, combined with the slow speed and recycled air inside, had her contemplating walking back to her car at the end of the weekend.

Now she stood in front of the mirror second-guessing her decision to spend the weekend with a stranger. After six months of watching her wallow around after Victor left, their mutual friend, Randolf, practically forced her to allow him to set her up with a blind date for the weekend.

With nothing to lose except memories of Victor, Dawn reluctantly agreed. Couldn’t she have found someone on her own? Did she need to go to an exclusive resort to have a fling? She could’ve had sex with any man to push the memory of Victor away—except she didn’t. Randolf was right: she could find someone random to have sex with, but she wouldn’t. She didn’t really want to have sex with anyone apart from Victor.  Would she be able to go through with it? Could she have sex with a stranger when her heart belonged to another?

He doesn’t want you.

She hated that inner voice, but it was true. Victor didn’t want her. They dated for six months and she’d given him her heart, despite his secrets, and he threw it back in her face through a text message.

It’s over.

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About Jane:
Jane has been creating stories of love and romance for as long as she can remember. She’s a sucker for a happy ending and thinks the best thing about any movie or book is when the characters find someone to love.

Jane’s stories reflect her interest in all romance genres, and all levels of spice, but paranormal romance is her true passion. She loves creating worlds around sexy shifters and vamps—even if the shifter is a smelly skunk!

Jane writes sensual romance that will warm your heart, and a happy ever after is guaranteed!

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