Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthursday

***Some Teasers Contain Adult Content***

“No, that’s not possible. Vampires don’t exist.”
“Ah, sweet thing, it seems a little convincing is in order and I’m thirsty.”
His transformation to vampire took very little effort on his part. His eyes darkened the skin across his cheekbones stretched and his fangs popped from his gums, sharp and ready. She didn’t need any more convincing.  His hand moved her head to the side and he licked at her neck. She should be stiff with fear but instead his tongue felt erotic and natural. She heard her sighs, they were wanton and her pussy gushed with moisture as his teeth grazed her skin. His body crushed her to the bed as his fangs sank into her vital artery and he used his tongue to milk the vein. His free hand grabbed at her thigh raising it up, allowing his hard cock to enter her. 
Sweet pain swept over her as he fed and pleasure coursed through her loins as he pumped his cock into her. When he’d sated his need for her blood, he released her neck and grabbed both her arms, raising them above her head in his steely grip. He growled and pumped inside of her unmercifully. He quickened his pace and she felt the burning stretch of the muscles in her arms. Sweet Jesus, the combination of pain and pleasure sent her senses into a whirlwind of ecstasy. He ran his hands from her wrists to her armpits, kneading the area as he seductively touched her.

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Ella Jade

A soft knock at the cottage door pulled her from her thoughts. Her heart fluttered with the possibility it could be Cade. Maybe he was ready to talk. She ran to the door and quickly pulled it open, never expecting to see him standing on the other side. She stepped back and let him enter. As he turned to close the door, she immediately dropped to her knees.

“Master,” she said. “I didn’t expect you.”

Gracie lowered her head and waited for Martin to speak. Her heart pounded against her chest just from his close proximity.

“Do you know how beautiful your submission is?” Martin slowly walked around her. She didn’t have to see what he was doing. She felt his presence and visualized him taking in her body. He gently stroked his fingers over her neck, causing a chill to course through her entire system. “As much as it pains me, you no longer wear my collar, so you shouldn’t be on your knees.”

She looked up at him and smiled.

“Please.” He extended his hand for her. Once she was on her feet he pulled her against his strong, muscular chest, wrapping his arms around her. He placed a soft, comforting kiss on the top of her head.


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