Monday, May 13, 2013

Korner Kafe Exposed... Likes = Kindle Fire

You have to go check out this page. I've blogged about it before. Its not only a fantastic place to find a new read, its also a fabulous forum for authors to get "Exposed". This page has been a wonderful resource for me to promote my books. I've picked up so many new readers and made some great friends from the people who discovered me there.

Now is the time to give them a like if you haven't already. Why? Because if they reach 20,000 likes by the end of May, someone will win a Kindle Fire. 

Help this wonderful, author friendly page reach their goal. The more likes they receive, the more exposure your favorite authors receive. As a reader, the more authors they promo, the more great reads you'll find. Its a win win!

By liking this page, I always find the latest reads right there in my news feed. I've found many new authors. Go give them a like. You could win a Kindle Fire!


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