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Indulging the Professor Chapter One

Today I'm giving you the first chapter from Indulging the Professor.

A  Pleasure Inn Series Steamy Short.
Featuring  Logan  and  Elyse  from  Master  of  The  Inn.

Meet the first guests to stay at Pleasure Inn…
Where all of your fantasies become reality.

Professor Marcus Santos has become unsatisfied in his life.  His  career  is  at  an  all  time  high  but  he  has  no  one  to  share  it  with.  He’s  buried  himself  in  his  work  for  so  long  he’s  missed  out  on  a  social  life.  His  policy  of  not  dating  university  students  has  limited  his  search  to  find  the  perfect  girlfriend.  While  out  at  a  bar  one  night  he  runs  into  his  intriguing  research  assistant.  Their brief encounter changes the dynamics of their relationship.
Shy  graduate  student  Jacqueline  Kincaid  has  been  taken  with  Professor  Santos  since  her  freshman  year.  His  charismatic  personality  and  driven  work  ethic  drew  her  to  him,  but  now  that  she’s  getting  to  know  him  on  a  personal  level  she  can’t  get  him  out  of  her  head.  He  shows  interest  in  her  but  won’t  take  things  further  than  kissing.
Marcus offers her a special graduation present.  Spend two nights at Pleasure Inn with him.  Jacqueline  jumps  at  the  chance  to  move  forward  in  their  new  relationship.  Now  that  she’s  no  longer  his  student  he  wants  more  with  her.  Pleasure  Inn  is  just  the  place  to  make  all  of  their  fantasies  realty.

Copyright © 2013, Ella Jade

Chapter One
Marcus Santos read over the text from his old college roommate Logan Cole. He couldn't believe his carefree, panty-chasing friend had not only settled down, but also now owned and operated a bed and breakfast with his wife. Marcus never saw either of those things coming, but he couldn’t be happier for his friend. Logan had, for the first time in his life, found a purpose.
His friend had always been a player. The two had had a lot of fun during their years together at Yale. If Logan could find love with a good woman, then anything seemed possible. It was that notion that led Marcus to pursue this upcoming weekend. Logan ran an inn that promised to make fantasies come true.
Everything is set for your weekend at Pleasure Inn. Elyse and I have arranged for all of your requests. I promise we have left no detail unattended.
I look forward to seeing you. We’re honored that you and Jacqueline will be our first guests.
Marcus had high expectations for the weekend. He had been counting down the weeks until his research assistant Jacqueline Kincaid finished her Master’s Degree and no longer attended the university where he was employed.
He’d taught the quiet but extremely sexy woman for the last few semesters before she took on the position of his research assistant. He had been hired to write a book on the Clinton administration and needed an aide. When she applied for the position, he stopped his search immediately. There was something about the intriguing co-ed that took hold of him. But he had a strict policy when it came to dating his students. He just didn’t do it. Technically Jacqueline wasn’t his student any longer, but she still attended the University and he didn’t want to cross any lines. Gossip around the campus spread like wildfire, especially with the advent of social media.
In the past few weeks things had gotten a little more intense between them, but he promised himself he wouldn’t go any further than kissing. He hoped that could change this weekend. His fantasy was to spend two nights worshipping the woman who’d occupied his dreams for months.
During her undergraduate years, he’d found her striking but quickly dismissed the thought. She generally sat up front during his lectures and seemed to hang on his every word. She always came to class prepared and asked intelligent, engaging questions. Political Science seemed to be her strong suit. Her enthusiasm for his work excited him. At thirty, he had yet to settle down or even meet anyone he considered spending his life with. He’d always buried himself in his work, becoming more complacent as each semester passed. Jacqueline’s presence made him restless. With her, he wanted more than a casual fling. He’d wrestled with his feelings for her for some time. He’d hired her to do a job; it would have been wrong to take things further. He tried to convince himself of that, but with each day his attraction for her grew stronger.
When she’d first begun working for him, they met two evenings a week to do research assignments. Her firm grasp on the English language proved quite effective as she tidily edited his work, polishing it and making it sound twice as good as before. He knew very little about her life outside of his class. Neither of them had offered more than necessary informational bits and most sessions were spent discussing his book. It was essential for him to keep it that way. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago when she showed up at a bar where he’d been celebrating Logan’s upcoming wedding that he realized just how attracted to her he’d become.


After another losing game of pool, Marcus took a seat at the bar and ordered himself a beer. He waved to his friends to proceed without him.
“Chicken,” Logan teased as he racked up the balls. “You just don’t want to owe me any more money.”
“I’m not stupid.” He took a swig of his beer. “I know when to bail.”
“Professor Santos?” a soft familiar voice called from behind him.
“Jacqueline?” He turned to find his pretty assistant standing in front of him. She looked different than a few hours ago when she’d left his office. Gone were her black yoga pants and pink t-shirt. She’d traded them in for a pair of low-rise skinny jeans and a silver tank top. Her long brown hair flowed down her back and over her shoulders; she usually wore it in a messy bun on the top of her head. Not that her natural beauty wasn’t nice, but this transformation was unexpected. The straps on her tank were so thin there was no way she could have worn a bra. Her young, perky breasts did fine all on their own.
 As he looked at her, she fidgeted with her hands. He noticed she often did that when they were together.
“Hey.” He cleared his throat and tried to wipe his mind of his momentary inappropriate thoughts. “What are you doing here?”
They were about twenty miles from the campus. He hadn’t anticipated seeing any of his students tonight, especially not her. From what he did know about her, she kept to herself and favored her apartment to large crowds or clubs.
“My friend’s brother is playing in a band in the back tonight. We just got here and I noticed you playing pool, so I came to watch. I don’t want to bother you. The band is setting up back there so… hi.” She tucked a strand of her long dark hair behind her ear. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”
“My friend Logan,” Marcus turned and nodded at his friend who looked amused that he was talking to a woman, “is getting married. This is his impromptu bachelor party.”
“I didn’t mean to disturb you. I just wanted to say hello.”
 “You’re not disturbing me. I’m happy to see you. Would you like to have a drink with me?”
“I don’t want to interrupt.” She looked over at his friends. “You’re here with the guys.”
“Nonsense.” He stood and pulled out a barstool for her. “I’m losing my house in that pool game. You’d be doing me a favor.”
“As long as you don’t mind.” She sat down. “I’m not really into loud music but I wanted to support my friend’s brother.”
“What would you like to drink?”
“Just a coke. I’m the designated driver tonight.”
“Glad to hear you’re responsible.” He motioned for the bartender. “The lady will have a coke.”
“Do you come here often?” she asked as the bartender placed the soda in front of her.
He tightened his grasp on his beer bottle when she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the straw. More inappropriate thoughts cluttered his mind. He noticed the stain her rose-colored lipstick left behind.
 “I did when I was younger.” He looked around the bar at the twenty-something crowd. “I seem to be getting older though.”
“You can’t be more than thirty.” She sipped her drink again. “Um, not that I stalk you or anything. I edited your bio for the book… That’s how I know how old you are.”
“I know.” He laughed at her explanation. “So what do you think – which picture should I use?”
“I like the close-up. It shows off your unique eyes.”
“You think my eyes are unique?” He finished his beer as he thought about her observation. He hadn’t realized she’d noticed him at all. She’d never given him any indication that she found him attractive. She wasn’t at all like the other students he’d encountered through the years. She appeared unaffected by him. Perhaps that was what drew him to her. He never worried about her crossing any lines.
“I sound like a stalker again, don’t I?” Her cheeks turned red. “I’ve just never seen such an exceptional shade of gray before.”
“My two brothers have the same color, so I guess I never thought of mine as different.”
“They’re very nice.” She looked down at the floor.
“Thank you.” He sensed her discomfort but he wanted to talk to her some more. When they worked on his book it was all business, but that was his fault. He often buried himself in his research and didn’t allow for much social time when he had a deadline to meet. “Have you given much thought to what you’ll do when you graduate?”
“I’ve been offered a job in the governor’s office.”
“Impressive.” Her ambition didn’t surprise him. She excelled at her education and did a stellar job when it came to his research. “You’re putting that political science degree to good use.”
“It’s only entry level, but I’ve done several internships there with school. I like the atmosphere.”
“You’ll be staying local?”
“I like Hartford.”
“Me too. I’m happy you’re not going far.” More now than he had initially realized.
“Really?” Her chestnut colored eyes widened. “How come?”
“I’m in the process of signing another book deal and I’d like my research assistant to be available.” The book deal wasn’t the only reason he didn’t want her to leave after graduation. There was something about her that intrigued him. They’d been working together since January but this was the first time they’d encountered one another in a social setting. He wanted to learn more about her.
“Of course.” She twisted her hands together again. “That’s great news. I’d love to work with you again.”
“I hoped you would. I was going to mention it next week.”
“Hey, Jackie,” a tall, blonde girl called out from across the room. “Hey, the band is about ready to start.” The leggy blonde friend switched her attention to Marcus. “Who’s your friend?”
“This is Professor Santos,” Jacqueline offered. “I’m working on a book with him.”
“Ah yes,” the woman said. “You’ve mentioned him a time or two.” She looked him over. “I see what you mean.”
“Cara.” Jacqueline looked as if she might be sick, but Marcus liked the idea of her mentioning him to her friends. It meant she thought about him when they weren’t together.
“It’s nice to meet you, Cara.” Marcus stood and extended his hand indicating the next barstool for her. “Would you like to join us?” He hoped she would decline, but he wanted to be polite.
“Well, hello, Professor Santos.” She shook his hand lingering a little longer than necessary.
Marcus was used to younger woman throwing themselves at him. His colleagues said it had something to do with the tall, dark, Latin professor persona he embodied. Marcus tried to ignore the stares and flirtatious advances his students made. Perhaps that was why he found Jacqueline so refreshing. She’d never made an inappropriate remark or tried to get Marcus to notice her. There was nothing obvious about her.
“We’re going to listen to the band,” Cara said. “Would you like to hang out with us?”
“Cara, Professor Santos is here with friends.” Jacqueline got up from her seat, clearly embarrassed by her friend’s spontaneous invitation. “I’m sure he doesn’t want to be bothered with us.”
“You’re not bothered by us, are you Marcus?” Cara moved to stand closer to him. “We can be a fun bunch.”
 “I’m sure.” He glanced at his watch. “I have an early morning so I’m going to be going soon anyway. It was nice meeting you, Cara.”
“Maybe we’ll see you around.” She nodded at Jacqueline. “I’ll see you in a few.”
“Yeah.” Jacqueline didn’t look impressed with her friend.
Marcus thought her embarrassment was adorable. He wondered what she had told her friends about him.
Cara turned and smiled at Marcus one last time before retreating to the back room.
“That was a little awkward,” Jacqueline said. “I apologize.”
“Don’t.” He laughed because he’d been on the receiving end of that kind of advances more time than he could remember. “It’s an occupational hazard, I suppose.”
“Ah yes, the sexy college professor has all the young co-eds throwing themselves at him.” She giggled over her own words.
He’d never heard her do that before but why would he? He’d never given her reason to. That would have to change. “You think I’m sexy?”
“Oh, I didn’t mean to be inappropriate, but you said…” She trailed off and chewed on her bottom lip. “I thought that’s what you meant. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have—”
“I’m joking.” He reached out and took her hand trying to put her out of her misery. “I think I like teasing you.”
“I didn’t even know you could.”
“Hmm, well I guess we’ll have to change some things between us. I must be awfully boring for you.”
“You’re not.” She glanced down at their joined hands. “I like working with you.”
He hadn’t realized he was still holding her hand. But it felt natural – right. What the hell?
“I guess I better get going,” she said. “You have an early morning.”
“I do,” he agreed. “I’m meeting with the department to discuss the new curriculum for the fall.”
“Sounds interesting.”
“I can tell you about it over dinner if you’d like.” What am I doing crossing lines that I can’t come back from?
“You want to have dinner with me?”
“Yes, I think so.” He ran his thumb along her wrist. “Does tomorrow work for you?”
“Um, sure.” She nodded, looking a bit unsure of herself. “I’m good for tomorrow.”
“Perfect.” That was easier than he had anticipated. Why hadn’t he done it sooner? Because she’s a student at the University and she’s your research assistant. “I’ll call you in the afternoon.”
“I look forward to it, Professor.”
“About that.” He let go of her hand and reached into his pocket to retrieve his wallet. “You should call me Marcus.”
“I’ve been meaning to tell you that, but I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” He paid his tab and continued, “But if your friend doesn’t have a problem with calling me by my first name, you shouldn’t either.”
“Cara can be forward.” She shrugged. “And inappropriate.”
“She’s fine.” Cara had given him some insight about Jacqueline’s interest in him. He was glad the woman had been inappropriate. “You better get back to your friends.”
“It was nice seeing you.” She turned to walk away but he wasn’t ready to see her leave. When he touched her shoulder, she glanced back at him and smiled. “Goodnight, Marcus.”
The sound of his name tumbling from her lips stirred his insides. He imagined her screaming it out as she…
“Goodnight, Jacqueline.”


That night at the bar had completely changed the dynamics of their relationship. He’d spent the two months since then taking her out to eat every Friday night. It was a nice change to have some company on the weekends. When they first started meeting in restaurants, they mostly talked about his book or her research and education. After a few “date nights,” they had gotten comfortable enough to discuss family and friends. The more time he spent with her, the more he wanted to explore a relationship. Now that she had graduated, he wanted to pursue a future. He hoped her graduation present gave them that opportunity.
Two nights at Pleasure Inn… where all of their fantasies would become reality.


The Pleasure Inn series launches with Master of the Inn. This is book one in a multi-book series that centers on Pleasure Inn and the couples who spend a weekend indulging in their fantasies. The first book introduces us to Logan and Elyse and we learn how the inn came to be. Each book to follow will feature a new couple but the reader will be able to keep up with Logan and Elyse's relationship as they progress. The books can be read out of order but Master of the Inn sets the stage.

Pleasure Inn… Where all of your fantasies become reality.
Executive chef Elyse Clapton has had it with city life. She’s spent the last few years building her cheating boyfriend’s trendy New York City restaurant into a success. When their relationship ends, so does her desire to be in his kitchen. She flees to a quaint inn she remembers visiting as a child. She gets more than she bargains for when she meets the sexy, reclusive inn keeper.
Handyman Logan Cole inherited Pleasure Inn against his wishes. Ever since he got caught up in a scandal involving another man’s wife, he keeps to himself – finding solace in a bottle. He didn’t realize how lonely he’d become until Elyse shows up on his porch. He’s instantly drawn to her and convinces her to stay at the Bed and Breakfast.
Elyse comes to town looking for a getaway. She never expects to fall for Logan. It doesn’t take her long to believe the inn’s motto. Logan’s dominance in the bedroom makes all of her fantasies a reality.
Book One in the Pleasure Inn Series
Available now

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