Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sinful Saturday... Master of the Inn

Sinful Saturday

Happy Saturday!

I'm back with another sinful look into Master of the Inn...


“No more,” he whispered into her neck. “We have to stop.”
He rolled off her and onto his back. “Because I’m drunk. And I never play when I’m drunk.”
“Why can’t we just fuck?” He had her so worked up, she blurted out the words without thinking. She’d never spoken to anyone that way before. Her own boldness shocked her.
“My sweet cupcake has a dirty mouth. Remind me to take you over my knee for such language.” He closed his eyes as his breathing slowed. After a few minutes, she heard his deep breaths turn into soft snores.
She propped herself up on her elbow and watched as this gorgeous man slept beside her. She traced her finger along his jaw, over his neck and down his chest. She couldn’t resist touching him. She relished in the way his muscles felt under her fingers. The warmth radiated off his tanned skin. He looked so peaceful as he slept. She wondered what kind of troubles he had that would make him drink the way he did.
After a while her eyes grew heavy. She leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on his lips.
He opened his eyes and smiled before pulling her into his chest and curling his arm around her. “I want you close,” he mumbled before falling back to sleep.


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