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***Some teasers contain adult content***

Elodie Parkes

The Picnic: Elodie Parkes within A Celtic Anthology.

Her whisper against his lips made his cock stir and his erection began to strain against his jeans.
Ava unzipped his jeans and freed him to her touch. It made Morgan gasp, but he started to unzip her jeans and push them down her hips. He kissed her and whispered to her, “Ava, your kiss is delicious. I only want what you want. I need you too. Let me take your jeans off.”
Resting his face against hers, Morgan tried to breathe properly, then helped her take off her jeans kissing her as much as he could. They both pushed Morgan’s jeans down so that Ava could straddle him. He didn’t let her guide his cock inside her until he had felt her wetness with his fingers. Morgan teased her so that he could feel her throb of pleasure against his fingertips, and he muffled her moans with a kiss as he pushed a finger into her.
“I really need to,” he whispered, as he moved his lips to her breasts, and sucked.
Ava thought she might come right then on his fingers with his mouth on her breasts, and so she held his erection and kissed along his neck where she could reach.
She whispered into his ear, “Morgan, I need you inside me. Morgan.” Her breath sent sensations coursing down his neck and he brought his head up to kiss her, lifting her with his hands around her hips to ride him.

Copyright Elodie Parkes and Moon Rose Publishing 2013

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Lacey Wolfe

Alyssa was his. Mine. Mine. Mine. And he wasn’t going to share her.

Reaching down, he lifted her by her butt. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he set her on the counter. The kiss was sloppy, but he didn’t care. He had to have her. Taste her. Breaking the kiss, his lips trailed down her neck, to her collar bone. Alyssa arched her body, leaning her head back. Man, this woman was a goddess and she had no idea.

He was harder than a rock and craved to be inside her. While he knew he wasn’t about to take it that far—he hoped—he did want to explore.

Her breathing picked up as his tongue swirled around her earlobe. He gripped her face, bringing it to his. She gazed back at him and he once again claimed her lips.

“Oh God,” she moaned.

Connor let one of his hands drift down and caress her belly, slowly bringing it up to her breasts. He let his thumb rub over her nipple and he was satisfied to find it hard.

“Connor,” she whispered.

The sound of his name escaping her lips about sent him over the edge. It was music to his ears.

Out of nowhere, it was as though he lit a fire in her. She was greedy and taking him. She clutched his ass and one hand came around front to his erection.

“Ah,” he groaned.

Her grip was tight as she stroked him. He had to get her to stop. He pulled his body back, but she didn’t allow him to move away. Oh God, if she pumped him one more time—shit!

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