Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthursday

Here's three sexy and I know it Teasers...
***Some excerpts contain adult content***
Bebe Balocca
I gazed out at the courtyard, still gracious in its denuded and decrepit state, and my mind, as a compass needle returning always to North, went back to thoughts of Dejah Thoris. Although our situation was precarious—we were prisoners, after all—I could not but be encouraged by her demeanour toward me. She had spoken to me both affectionately and intelligently, and I believed I knew enough of women, whether they be of earthly or Martian descent, to recognise her interest in me. My shaft had softened since her departure, but the fresh memory of her presence combined with my own stroking hand soon brought it back to its fully aroused and stiffened state. I leaned against the cool window, slid my erection through my closed fist, and imagined Dejah Thoris before me with her delicate hands playing over her bosom.
In my mind’s eye, I saw her push her breasts together and part her Cupid’s bow lips. The tip of her pink tongue darted over her teeth—how I wanted to taste her mouth!—and she spread her thighs slightly. Lost in my fantasy, I smelled her wanton fragrance once more and pumped my shaft faster in my hand. “Yours, John Carter,” my dream princess murmured, “I am yours and yours alone for all of time.” Those slim brown fingers darted into the cleft between her legs and her eyes became hooded.

Lacey Wolfe
Francesca turned to ask where the bottle opener was, but found Randall right there.
“I don’t know about you, but the only thing I’m hungry for is exploring your body. Let’s skip eating and do this one last time for the hell of it.”
Setting the wine and the glasses down, Francesca placed her hands on her hips. “You’re kidding, right?”
“I’ve never been more serious. Ever since I saw you again, I’ve wanted one more taste. Tell me you haven’t.”
“It’s crossed my mind, but that doesn’t mean it’s something we should do.”
Brushing the back of his hand down her arm, he asked, “How far would we have gone if the storm hadn’t hit?”
“Well, a storm did hit, so I can’t answer that.”
He leaned in, his lips close. “Make love to me just one more time. After that, I’ll fix your car and you never have to see me again. I’ll even have the car delivered to your place so you don’t have to come in to pick it up.”
Could it really be that simple? As much as she hated to admit it, she wanted to get between the sheets with him one more time. Taking a deep breath, Francesca nodded. “If it’s the easiest way to get you out of my life, then let’s do it.”
In one swift move, Randall picked her up and carried her across the house.
Jackson bent down and took a foot, removing one red heel, then the other. He dropped them to the carpet with a soft thump.
“Sabrina, you should undress.”
Her answer was a soft snore.
“Ah, shit.” He sighed and leaned over to unhook her belt. He slipped it out from behind her and tossed it aside, then went back and reached under her warm shapely bottom and found a zipper. The leather skirt did not come off easily, he had to work it down her hips, but the reward for his effort staggered him. Not only was she wearing sexy thigh-high stockings, but the barely-there black panties above them were a thing of beauty. Only a careful razor could have made that look so right. Then he made the critical mistake of taking a closer look and moaned because she was perfectly defined and damn near visible against the sheer front.
He was getting hard—most inconvenient.
“Listen,” he said, practically pleading, “I think you’d better wake up and take care of your shirt yourself. Okay? Please?”
Nothing. Damn.
“I’m going to come in my pants,” he muttered under his breath, then reached out and began unbuttoning her blouse—and got an even bigger shock.
He jumped back. “Is that a corset?” His voice broke for the first time in twenty years.
Jackson took an abrupt walk around the room, pausing at the window for a minute to roll his forehead against the cool glass. What did the woman do, shop at Frederick’s of Hollywood? He was shaking like a detox patient when he went back to finish pulling her sleeves down her arms. 
Here's the official Accidents Make the Heart Grow Fonder webpage where you can find the first chapter.
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