Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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When I decided to write a series depicting a Dominate/submissive (D/s) relationship I was focused on making Steve a strong Dom. He had to be masculine, confident, strict, fair loving, and vulnerable. Mostly human.  Originally, he was well-built and intimidating, as romance heroes are usually portrayed. But then I said: What if his muscles don’t bulge through his clothes and he has no interest in intimidating his boyfriend, Zack, or anyone else, for that matter? What would that say about his true strength?
Before we answer those questions, let’s pose some about Zack. He’s Steve’s submissive. Does the sub have to be the opposite of everything required of a Dom: skinny, a little bit effeminate, and unsure of himself? Um… I was turned off just writing that description. I could never make it through a full book, much less a series, with a main character like that. So, what happens if Zack is the one with a sculpted body befitting of a Hollywood A-list actor? Now, we’ve got a successful man, surrendering himself to Steve. Allows himself to dominated, disciplined, and loved by a man he could overpower. But he doesn’t want to, at least not at first. Their move into switching is another post altogether. Zack accepts the discipline at Steve’s hand because he craves it. More than that, he needs it to be the best man he can be. When Steve wraps his slender body around Zack as they make love—with or without a prior spanking—Zack forgets everything else exists.
So, does strength come from bulging muscles and a booming voice? Maybe one kind, but those weren’t the heroes I wanted to write. I believe there’s more power in Steve use of reason instead of force to show Zack what’s needed. And for Zack to trust him enough to submit completely, even when it’ll hurt? There’s no weakness in either of these men.  What about you, readers? What makes a strong character? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments. One random commenter will win a free ebook of the entire Mine series!
Overall blurb Mine series (back of book) From the moment Steve Michaels met actor Zack Greene in the men’s room of a press conference, the director knew his snarkiness mixed with angelic features, excited him. What he wasn’t prepared for was the vulnerability underneath the hardened exterior. And he really wasn’t prepared to fall in love.
But they did.
Zack needed some positive press and a second chance after getting out of rehab. He found the director of Ben’s Life, the series he planned to audition for. Steve helped him within a loving structured relationship. 
Follow Zack and Steve as they face the challenges of work, family, injuries, and pasts together as they redefine family.
Warning: Contains spanking, Light BDSM, Dom/sub relationship, and two men who can’t get enough of each other. Vol. 1 includes Casting, Action, Cutaway, and That’s a Wrap. E-book Paperback
Casting: FREE- Steve Michaels had one goal for the evening: drink just enough to get through the press conference in promotion of Ben’s Life, the new television series he’s directing. Plans change for him when the seedy producer of the show zeroes in his seduction efforts on Zack Greene, the bad boy of the moment. Now, Steve has to make sure Zack doesn’t sue.
Instead of finding the hardened bad boy he expected, Steve finds a vulnerable man whom life has beaten down. Can Steve help build him back up with a loving structured relationship? Find out how being cast in right roles enriches their careers and lives. Smashwords


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