Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthursday

Here we are again! I swear the weeks are flying by.
I've got a few sexy, taunts for you today.
***Some Teasers Contain Adult Content***
Vallory Vance

“Have a seat.”
The authoritative tone thundered through her daydream and she awoke. Face to face with arrogance personified. Hmph! She was going to have fun teasing this presumptuous man.
“Vincent, why are you interrupting both our evenings?” She let her words drop with each slow rotation of her hips over to the sofa and curled close to him.
“Why couldn’t we have lunch today?” His finger dragged over her arm in a light swooping circle leaving goose bumps in its wake.
“I was working.” She slid her arm away and forced her eyes to meet his. She was the one teasing. “I’d already eaten. I don’t go to non-business related lunches with clients. Lots of reasons.”
No response. He simply leaned forward, popped open the bottle and poured the champagne in an effortless motion that said he did this every day.

“You don’t like my reasons?” She exaggerated her accent in a low rasp and swept her fingers across his hand before taking the offered glass.

He lifted his eyes and knitted his brows so that he was peering up at her through the veiling sweep of his dark lashes. Women must fall to their knees when he looked at them like that – an intent blue-eyed stare with slightly parted lips, waiting to be kissed.

Tilting her head slightly, she was privy to the full view of his mouth opening up to a generous smile against pearly white teeth. One sexy mouth. Maybe just one…

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Bebe Balocca
Arden bit her lip to keep from groaning with pleasure. Jess’s small fingers pinched her skin lightly, plucking the nipple away from her breast and then releasing it to fall back toward her body. “Yeah, I think it’ll work,” Jess concluded. Her hand fell away from Arden’s breast. She looked up at Arden with shining eyes. “You could get it pierced, no problem.”
“B-b-both of them?” Arden stuttered. Ram slid his hand around her waist and pressed the bulge of his cock against the curve of her ass.
“Well, let’s see,” Jess said. She rubbed her fingertips over the nub of Arden’s other breast. Arden’s nipple contracted immediately. “It’s pretty hard right now, isn’t it?” Jess noted. “Is it like that all the time, or just when you’re cold?” She took it between her fingers and rolled it. “Or turned on,” she added with a laugh. “My nips get hard as rocks when I’m turned on.” Arden swallowed with effort. Her body was aflame with impatient excitement, and she knew that Ram must be in utter torment. “This one’s good, too, Arden.” Jess abraded Arden’s nipple lightly with her fingertips as she continued. “You know what some of the piercing parlors do?” Jess asked. Arden shook her head dazedly. “Some of them use ice to numb your nips before they pierce them. It makes them really stiff, so the needle will go right through and you’ll barely feel it.” Arden licked her lips. Her heartbeat raced. “Wanna try it?”

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  1. Thanks so much for having me over to share a teaser from my Mexican beach fantasy. Oh, how I wish I could get on a plane right now... It's soooo dark and chilly outside...