Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthursday

Let's see what we have for you today...
***Some teasers contain adult content***
Liz Borino
The sound of the zipper sent blood to Steve’s cock. He shoved his hands in the pockets of his khakis to conceal the erection. “Watch your language,” Steve said, leaning in the doorway.
“What the fuck are you talking about ‘watch my language?’ I’m an adult. You can’t tell—” Zack made his way toward him.
Steve advanced as well, met the blonde half-way, and his mouth quirked up before saying, “Then act like it. You’re at a press conference with directors, producers, and the media, all of whom are judging your every move.”
“Oh, I see. So, I should put out for every person who lays their hands on me or follows me into the men’s room?” Blue eyes burned into Steve’s. Zack’s muscular frame, three maybe four inches shorter than Steve’s slender one, challenged him.
No, just this one. What is wrong with me? Steve questioned himself silently, then Zack aloud, “When did I suggest you should? Not everyone is in the restroom for you.” Brat.
Zack released a breath. “You’re right. I’m sorry. Your friend put me on edge. I’ve been counting down the minutes until I can leave, anyway. Excuse me.”
Steve nodded. “I understand. Rich can be an asshole.”
“Uh-huh, excuse me,” Zack emphasized, and Steve raised an eyebrow. “You’re in front of the sinks. Besides, thought there were things to do in bathrooms other than me.”
Sure, Steve had enough alcohol to pee…he hoped. Standing in front of the urinal, he used every ounce of energy to get a few drops out. Zack smirked at him in the mirror, and walked out.
Loving Wes wasn’t what came as such a surprise to her—no, it was falling in love with him all over again, but deeper this time, that made everything so intense and special. This wasn’t a one-sided infatuation with a fantasy, this was the real deal, warmly reciprocated.
Dropping her eyes down his body as he dried his hands, Lauren wondered if Wes even noticed he was still naked. She certainly couldn’t help it.
“Come here,” she said with a husky voice, pulling him close and wrapping her arms and legs around him.
Wes dipped down and kissed her, and Lauren gave herself up to the heady sensations of bare skin to bare skin, tongue to tongue, and their heartbeats synchronizing. She tightened her grip on him and felt his erection brush against her. She pressed back willingly.
He groaned. “You realize this isn’t the bedroom.”
“Your point is?” Lauren put her ear against his chest and listened to his heart as she ran her fingertip lightly along the underside of his cock, making both jump to attention.
“Hold that thought,” he said and dashed to the bedroom for a condom.
Lauren’s towel was draped over the top of the shower door when he got back.
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  1. I loved this novel. It has all of the charm and wit - plus rip-roaring suspense and action - that I've come to expect from the pen of Tara Mills. Five stars to FRIENDS AND LOVERS!