Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tease Us Thursday...

Happy Thursday. Are you looking to be enticed?
Harry tested his knots and then pushed gently for her to kneel. “She knows your limits and your safe word. She will explain when she comes.”

She?” Julia’s eyes went wide. Lesbian sex was a soft limit for her, and one Harry had tested. This time, however, Julia had no warning and the woman would be her Dominant.
Silence,” a female voice said from behind her. Julia didn’t know if Harry had left or was still behind her, but she bit her tongue, her lip trembling. “You will listen and not speak.” The woman moved to sit on the bed in front of Julia. The submissive kept her eyes down, on the woman’s bony ankles and pale white skin. She wasn’t wearing shoes.
Look up. I want to see that you understand me.” Obediently, Julia raised her head, taking in the red corset, her long black hair falling over her shoulders and her brilliant, sapphire blue eyes. “You know what we are. Harrold has made a request. We keep our numbers small, but he wants to keep you.”
Julia’s eyes widened and her mouth opened. “I-”
Silence,” the woman reminded her. “I am Sophia, the eldest of us. If you wish to join us, we would ask much of you. First, that you sever all ties with friends and family. Second, that you become Dominant. After all, to feed, we need the complete trust of our partner. You will have to know that you hold their life in your hand.”

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