Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthursday

How does Thursday get here so fast? I hope you had a great week. Maybe you'll find something here to spice up your weekend. We've got a nice offering this week...
**Some teasers contain adult content**
“Good girl. I didn’t know if you’d forgive me enough to let me continue. I’m very pleased.”
His hands continued stroking her skin, touching a nipple, skimming down her side, brushing her pussy and back to her breast. She closed her eyes and absorbed the feeling, shivering as goose bumps raced after his fingers. The tips felt rough against her skin but so wonderful as they moved over her. She tried to push her chest toward his hands and raise her hips as he approached her clit. Her frustration rose with each pass as he avoided her swollen nubs. Just as she was ready to scream and beg, he asked his next question.
“Do you want me to bring you to orgasm by my fingers or my mouth?”
Her mind blanked. She understood what he would do with his fingers, but why would he offer to do something to her with his mouth? She opened her eyes and stared at him, her mind hazy. “I don’t understand the question.”
“Do you want me to touch you with my hands until you come, or do you want me to lie between your legs and lick your clit until you come on my tongue?”
Just the thought of him on his belly between her legs, breathing his warm, moist breaths on her pussy made her moan. “Mouth…please.”

Kaylie Newell
A journalist stumbles onto the story of a lifetime. And finds herself falling in danger…
It was hard not to notice how blue his eyes were in the fading light of day. How the sun hit just right under the bill of his cap, and how he had to squint to keep it out. Those eyes had probably been the undoing of many young women whose hearts he’d tossed around like tennis balls.
Jessica squared her shoulders. She was in no shape for this. Her heart was in no shape for this. She didn’t know why she was so drawn to Detective Ian Cole, but she needed to nip this in the bud. And fast. "Thank you for walking me to my car, Detective. I think I can take it from here."
He stepped back as she got into her Honda, bumping her head on the door frame as she went. She rolled the window down sheepishly. "So, I guess I’ll see you in court?"
"Sure thing. I’m going away for a few days, but if you need anything in the meantime,
call the precinct. Ask for Captain Edwards. He’ll help you out."
"I will. Thanks again."
He touched the bill of his hat as she pulled away. Watching him in the rearview mirror, she saw he was watching back. She couldn’t help but appreciate the shape of his long, lean body as he stood there with his hands in his pockets, his broad, muscular shoulders rounded just so.
She looked up in barely enough time to slam on the brakes and avoid rear ending the car in front of her.

Elizabeth Morgan

I lifted my legs in turn as Kacey eased me out of my shorts. My gaze roamed over Tyler's face as his focus became transfixed on my chest. My nipples tightened under his appreciative observation.

He threw my top to one side and reached out, running the back of his hand over the curve of my right breast. "I always knew you'd be beautiful."

"Beautiful doesn't even cover it." Kacey stated, as he ran his hands up the back of my thighs. "Why has it taken so fucking long for us to do this?"

I ran my fingers down Tyler's chest, tracing the faint curves of muscle. "I guess we didn't trust our friendship enough?"

Tyler slid his hand in to my hair and pulled me in to a deep kiss. The earlier caution had slipped and the simple movement of his mouth, and the way his tongue brushed against mine, remained languid and teasing. The kiss tasted of need and I wanted it. I wanted their need, because I knew in that moment I genuinely wanted this, wanted them, and no way would I stop this from happening.

Tyler ran his hands over my ass and I groaned into his mouth as he cupped my thighs and picked me up. His erection pressed against my entrance and my core pulsed with aching need.

"We would never hurt you." He stated breathlessly against my mouth. "Never."

I nodded before leaning in and kissing him again, vaguely aware of us turning, or of the whine of the bedsprings as Tyler knelt at the edge and laid me down.

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 Elizabeth Morgan

She bit at my nape and I bucked. She slid a little farther inside me. My eyelids fluttered shut. “Fuck that feels so—” My words died when she moved her attention to my right breast. She sucked on my erect nipple while squeezing my left, pinching and twisting. The contrast of her wicked tongue and confident touch sent a million pulses of electricity flying through me. The different sensations made me dizzy, and I couldn’t help the breathless pleas that fell from my lips.

I held her head in place as she swirled in slow circles around the sensitive bud. Her thumb mimicked the action around my clit. She pumped faster, and the delicious pressure began to twist deep inside.

She moved her attention down my stomach, painting a trail of fire across my skin. Her teeth grazed my abdomen, nipping, kissing. She slipped her fingers from me and I whimpered, lifting my head to look at her through hooded lids. She moved down until she lay between my spread thighs. Her eyes roamed over me, and she licked her lips.

My entire body clenched the moment I realized where her luscious kiss would land next. My knees quivered. Finally!

I lifted my hips in a silent plea.

“Ever since I saw you”—she pulled me closer and draped both of my legs over her shoulders.
Her eyes blazed with hunger—“I have just wanted to eat you up.”

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Suzanna C. Ryan

Max just looked at her, she agreed so quickly. It unnerved him she was so unemotional. Her lack of emotion confirmed she'd been through hell living with Arthur. It wasn’t any of his concern; really. He'd get his fill of Jenny then part ways with her, a bit richer than before. 
“I work for your husband. I'm head of security. My name is Maxwell Brogan. I guess you can say I worked for the scum bag. After this, I don’t think I’ll be working for anyone. You have a lot of explaining to do. Do you have any clothes with you? We need to move to a destination no one knows about. Not even Thompson will be able to find us. The clowns you hired are going to be with the state police and the FBI. It seems your husband wanted me to take care of them as he put it and while I’m a lot of things, I’m not a killer,” he told her.
“Well at least it sounds like I’ll be in safe hands,” she said. “One thing before we leave…” Max didn’t give her any time to speak before he grabbed her into his arms. His lips came down on hers, his mouth open, demanding immediate entrance to hers. She offered Max no resistance at all as she opened her lips and let his tongue slide inside. His kiss was hard, carnal, its meaning obvious. Her lips were soft, amazingly so, Max thought as she molded her body to his and her slender arms came up around his neck.

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