Sunday, January 27, 2013

#SexySnippets... Master of the Inn by Ella Jade

Here we are again with another enticing seven from Master of the Inn. Here's the blurb...
Pleasure Inn… Where all of your fantasies become reality.
Executive chef Elyse Clapton has had it with city life. She’s spent the last few years building her cheating boyfriend’s trendy New York City restaurant into a success. When their relationship ends, so does her desire to be in his kitchen. She flees to a quaint inn she remembers visiting as a child. She gets more than she bargains for when she meets the sexy, reclusive inn keeper.
Handyman Logan Cole inherited Pleasure Inn against his wishes. Ever since he got caught up in a scandal involving another man’s wife, he keeps to himself – finding solace in a bottle. He didn’t realize how lonely he’d become until Elyse shows up on his porch. He’s instantly drawn to her and convinces her to stay at the Bed and Breakfast.
Elyse comes to town looking for a getaway. She never expects to fall for Logan. It doesn’t take her long to believe the inn’s motto. Logan’s dominance in the bedroom makes all of her fantasies a reality.
Book One in the Pleasure Inn Series
Sexy Snippet...

 “I had a wonderful day.”

It’s not over yet.” Logan followed her all the way to the stairs and then trailed his fingertips down her neck. “See you soon.”

His touch made her breath catch in her throat. “Okay.” She bumped into the railing when she turned to go upstairs.

“Be careful.” He smirked. “I want to be the only one leaving marks on you.”
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  1. Lovely, and I just bet he keeps to his promises too :-)

  2. Great snippet. Gotta love a dominant man. :-)

  3. Oh my, yes, I like him. I think I might be a smitten kitten, lol

  4. Love this snippet. I agree with Jocelyn. Gotta love him.