Sunday, December 9, 2012

SSS... Something More by Ella Jade

Here we are again. I have a sexy six from Something More...

When Brody turned to look at her, she reacted on instinct. Claudia took his face between her hands and pulled him close to her lips. "Kiss me."
"I thought you were hungry." He placed his hands on her hips and slipped between her legs.
"I am," she whispered.
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I'm leaving you with the trailer this week...



  1. Yes! That was a fun 6. I am<-- Love it
    The trailer is fabulous. Love the music and the dialogue you shared, and anyone that comes with you<-- I'm dying here, that's awesome :)

    1. Thanks, S.J. Brody is totally swoon worthy;)

  2. There's hunger and then there's *hunger* LOL - enjoyed this week's six for sure!