Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tease Us Thursday...

Hey... did you know you could be featured here next week? Details at the bottom of the post. Since I've been remiss with plugging this segment, I only have teasers from yours truly.  Enjoy...
Some excerpts contain adult content.
“You saw Aiden tonight?” Strange. If she'd already seen Aiden, why didn’t she just give him his gift then? Something seemed off. Why would she be here?
“I usually visit him at his mom's house on Christmas Eve. I’ve been going there for years.”
“You knew he wouldn't be here with me?”
She nodded.
 “You came anyway.”
Is she here for me?
He finished her brandy before setting it on the table by the sofa allowing the alcohol to coat his dry throat. He wasn’t sure what to make of this new revelation. “Why didn't you leave the cookies and gifts there, Sofia?”
“Um, well, I wanted—” She bit her bottom lip and looked down at her lap. Tanner sensed her sudden discomfort but he needed an answer.
“What did you want?” He moved closer to where she sat and tilted her chin so he could stare into those beautiful, brown eyes. He’d never observed how big they were. He hadn't noticed a lot of things about this perfect girl. But now that she was here, he wondered what else he had missed.
“Dr. Rhodes.” She sighed causing her warm breath to caress his lips.
“Call me Tanner.” He stroked her cheek because he couldn't control the urge to touch her. “Dr. Rhodes seems a little too formal right now.” He didn't mean to be so forward, but she had a bizarre effect over him. In the short time they’d been together, she’d captivated him like no other.
“I'm embarrassed about why I'm here.” She fidgeted with her hands.
“Don’t be.” With each passing second, he became more thankful for her company. Her presence grabbed hold of him the moment she walked through the door, and now it wouldn't let go.
“Tanner, I've thought about you a lot through the years.”
“Really? In what way?” He wasn't going to misinterpret this situation, even if his cock had other ideas.

"I’ve only ever wanted you to be happy." His warm breath caressed her face. "Are you?"
"I am now." She pressed her lips to his and slowly inserted her tongue into his receptive mouth.
This was why she’d come. To reconnect with him. To prove to him she could handle whatever he threw her way. She could submit to him without any problems or reservations, and he should feel no shame in that.
He twisted his fingers in her hair and tilted her head back so he could gain access to her neck.

Yes, be rough.
She moved to straddle him. He stopped kissing her into look in her eyes, seeking permission. She nodded. "It’s been too long."
He trailed his hands down the sides of her body and then quickly tugged her silk blouse from her skirt. She smiled as she lowered her lips to his sweet mouth and attacked with a force she didn’t know was possible. She’d waited years for this moment. They’d have time for slow later. She undid his tie and worked at the buttons of his shirt as she ground her hips against his hard cock.
"Gracie," he whispered against her lips.
"Don’t think, Cade
She heard him unbuckle his belt and lower the zipper. She jumped when his shoes hit the hardwood floor. The cushions sank under his weight as he joined her on the couch. He moved behind her and slipped his hand under her skirt.
"Fuck, Gracie." He ran his palm over her bare ass.
"I left my panties in the car because I know how much you hate them."

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