Sunday, November 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday... Make Me Stay

After a few Sunday blog hops and my own absent-mindness when it came to signing  up for Six Sentence Sunday, I'm back...

I have six from my contemporary romance Make Me Stay...
Adult Content

 "You’re soaked."
"You do that to me." She pushed against his fingers as he plunged them inside her. "Oh

God, so good." She rocked into his hand, trying to relieve the fire inside her pussy. There was no hesitation. No inhibitions. "I’m on the pill and I’m clean."

"You’re the last woman I went bare with."
You can get a full excerpt here...
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  1. It's heating up fast between these to, yow. Way to leave us hanging, Ella :)

    1. Thanks, S.J. These two have instant heat!