Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tease Us Thursday...

We're back! And I have some pretty enticing teasers to share with you...
*Some excerpts contain adult content*
Elodie Parkes
He looked inside and satisfied there was no one in there he pulled Millie gently into the room and closed the door.
Millie waited. August stood very close to her and put his hands on either side of her rib cage, holding her like that he bent his head to hers and began to kiss her. Millie felt his lips against hers in his slow, sexy kiss and kissed him back with all the need she felt. August moved his hands a little, and his thumbs found her nipples hard, and pressing out to him through her silk shirt. He stroked them gently and kissed her, his tongue finding hers, and then receding to kiss her again, his lips closed soft and lingering. He whispered to her. “You are lovely”.
Millie was clinging to him and he began to unbutton her shirt. He kissed down her neck and then along her shoulder. He put his hands inside her shirt and unfastened her bra. Millie gasped with pleasure as he cupped both her breasts in his cool hands and kissed down the swell of them to suck first one nipple, and then the other, until Millie thought she couldn’t stand up.
August kissed up her throat to her lips as Millie unbuttoned his shirt and moved her hands over his chest. His skin was smooth and his muscles hard. Millie moved her lips over his, a soft touch, a gentle brush, and then a deep breathtaking kiss.

Katie Ellison
He always seems completely unconcerned about being naked. He walked along the corridor back to the kitchen still drying himself. He did actually wrap the towel around his waist before accepting the glass I handed him and then walked out onto the balcony as I checked the meal.

“Won’t be long” I told him, feeling quite happy that I was organising things so well. I joined him at the railings, looking down at the river. Even as high up as we were, there was very little breeze, it was still warm and, of course, being early evening, still completely light.

We chatted on, pausing as he stepped back to the kitchen to top-up our glasses whilst I continued to admire the view.

“I love looking down on everything from here. You are so lucky” I told him as he returned. He handed me my glass and cuddled in behind me, kissing my neck and ear.
As he slid his arms around me, I realised he didn’t have his glass and didn’t have his towel either!

“You can’t stand out here without anything on!” I laughed. I could feel his erection pressing against my hip through the robe and then as he adjusted his position and lifted the robe slightly, I felt it bare against my skin.

I shook and twisted “Vince, you’re naked. Someone will see!!!” His erection was rubbing over my bum and stopped, resting erect between my cheeks as he pressed me gently against the railing.

Suzanna C. Ryan

Cyrus waited with Emmy in the very swank restaurant. They’d ordered steak tartar and were enjoying it when Alkmene and Triad entered. They could have been actors for all anyone knew as the hostess sat them at Cyrus’s table. It had been month since she’d ran away into the past, he’d never get over seeing her beautiful face. What disturbed him was the creature with her. The fucking angel was gorgeous. Cyrus hated any kind of rivalry and this angel, spelled trouble. He was almost sorry he’d changed Emmy. Now he’d have to contend with showing her South Hedonism and throwing her out into its inhabitants.

“Cat got your tongue Cyrus,” Alkmene said.

“My dear you look lovely tonight. Oh and I’d like you to meet Emmy a most gratifying and insatiable piece of now immortal ass.” Cyrus said.

“Yes, I’m a vampire now. Hi, Triad, this is so exciting,” Emmy, said.

“Emmy, you’re a fucking vampire, do you understand what that is?”

“Of course I do, Triad. Cyrus is really good at fucking and his cock’s as big as yours.” Emmy said.

Triad was livid.  He had attributed her zaniness to innocence. It was the reasons why he fell in love with her. Now, there was evilness beneath her words, and lifelessness.

Maggie was shivering. All over. And it was magical.
What he’d done to her … she’d never felt anything like it. When he’d taken her and delivered her the most pulse-pounding orgasm she’d ever had, she’d begun to think maybe he was telling the truth.
Could selkies really exist?
She caught herself believing the lie for a moment and looked at him as he pulled out. His eyes were still closed, as if the feeling had been too much to bear. She felt it too. In fact, she’d never experienced anything like it. When Calan had come with her, a circuit inside her had shorted. All the little paths to her heart had been realigned somehow.
Something had changed.
He climbed off her, offering her a strangely shy smile, and helped her sit up. He then grabbed a small towel from his bathroom and insisted on tidying her up, wiping her sex with a gentle hand.
Maggie stared, unable to speak.
Once he was satisfied with his handiwork, he dropped a tender kiss on her lips. He then stood and started to get dressed. She shifted to look at him as he dressed. He leaned over and grabbed his jeans, hoisting them up to his waist, and she swallowed the disappointment she felt in seeing his incredible lower half disappear. Calan was unspeakably gorgeous, fallen angel gorgeous. His dark hair seemed to shimmer with a light of its own. His lips were luscious and his every muscle seemed sculpted by God’s hand.
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