Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tease Us Thursday

We're back with some tantalizing teasers to get your weekend started...
***Some Teasers Contain Adult Content***
Lyncee Shillard

Leigh studied Nick to see if she could pick up any trace of mockery but found none. The tension in his face had lessened to the point that his lips almost formed a smile. As she held his gaze, she thought she could be as wild as the jungle during the next eight-days. What were the consequences? None. There was no chance of running into him at the supermarket or attending the same professional events. No awkward moments because he started dating a friend.
Time to begin the seduction. “The temperature is climbing,” she commented, hoping she didn’t sound dumb. Being a tease wasn’t something she’d ever done.
“There are several bottles of water packed in ice in the hatch behind you.”
“Thanks.” She pulled her shirt off and turned to open the hatch. Women often wore the style of sports bra she had on without a shirt but she never had. She felt her breasts were too large and honestly, she’d never had courage.
Now she hoped her gut was right and Nick found her sexually appealing or it was going to be a very disappointing seven nights. Stuffing the shirt in the hatch, she turned and opened the bottle of water. While his jaw wasn't in the river, it was hitting the side of the kayak and she couldn't be positive but she thought he moaned.
She bit her lip to keep from smiling. If only Rayna could see her now. She was about to have sex with Tarzan.
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Tamara Hoffa
“Warrant Officer Jamison Hunter.” When the Army recruiting officer  spoke, the deep baritone of his voice sent tiny shivers down Charlie’s spine. What the hell was this? This was  definitely not the time or place for her long dormant libido to decide to wake

up. Pull yourself  together girl! This is the man that wants to take Evan away. Remember, he is the enemy.

    “Charlotte Mackenzie, Charlie. And I believe you know my son Evan.”     “Pleasure to meet you, ma’am. Please have a seat.”     Okay, Charlie, you can do this, all you have to do is convince a career military man that your son shouldn’t join the Army. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Ella Jade
Lilli took a deep breath and nodded. This day had been so overwhelming and the past few years hadn’t been easy. She wanted to lean on him. She’d been waiting for something good to happen and she believed that was why she'd found him. Jackson was going to help her.
“I’ll indulge you.” She smiled.
“Good girl,” he said. “We’ll talk later. I have to get some work done now. I’ll be here the rest of the evenings this week.”
“Okay, I know you’re busy.”
He wiped the tears from her face and then gently kissed her lips. Lilli leaned into him again, parting her mouth and granting him access. She allowed herself to get lost for a few minutes. He pulled her closer and let his hands explore her body, but then the doors to his study flew open and she heard a voice calling for Jack.
Lilli jumped back and looked in the direction of the sound. She’d remembered him like it was yesterday. He was five years older and he looked more like a man than a high school senior, but he was even more stunning than she’d remembered. Her school girl crush stood before her as if not a day had gone by.
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