Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tease Us Thursday...

Looking for a weekend read? Check out these enticing excerpts...
***Some teasers contain adult content***
A loud gasp exhaled from her lips as he covered her love button with his lips and tongue, and sucked it firmly but gently, long and slow.  Knots tightened and snapped as tremors of miniature orgasms exploded through her body, growing in intensity with each suck and lick.  Unconsciously her hands found her nipples, as his tongue worked little miracles on her tingling, burning clit, and her tweaks added to the growing rays of energy running through her body and along her legs and arms, to the very tips of her toes and fingers.  Her buttocks tensed and lifted as he inserted a finger into her yoni, working the end as her juices ran freely over his chin and down his neck.  Having to be conscious of not making too much noise added to the growing sexual tension within her, and whines and moans escaped her lips as the force of orgasm came relentlessly closer and closer, driven by the ministrations of his tongue and fingers.
Then, it was upon her, waves of pent-up passion and frustration giving way to an eye-splitting,mind-blasting, lung-emptying eruption of orgasmic fury, the intensity of which had her gripping the hair on his head, and waving her legs over his shoulders,her stomach buckling, as he sucked her harder and harder, drawing wave after wave afresh and powerful.  She felt totally empowered and, at the same time, totally powerless, as tsunami after tsunami turned her into a billion quivering, screaming nerve endings.

Rosanna Leo

Maggie watched as he finished his hasty preparations. There were a couple of old bales of hay sitting on the ground. Calan covered these with the blankets. Even while covered, she could smell the sweet perfume of hay. Somehow, the fragrance only served to arouse her to a greater degree. She’d always had a fantasy of being taken in a stable, and it appeared that fantasy was about to come true.

Calan stopped what he was doing and looked at her. His lips slightly open, his eyes dark and hungry, he advanced on her, backing her up to one of the larger bales of hay. She could smell him now. Delicious man and leather,the sea and hay and desire. Totally scrumptious.

He cupped her face in both his hands, while one of his legs slid between her thighs. And then he kissed her. Not asking permission, just taking what she was so ecstatic to give. Devouring her. Gliding his tongue between her lips, opening her up to him. Claiming her as effectively as Angus had claimed Elsie.

And Maggie had never been so happy to be so vulnerable. She licked at his lips, putting her own stamp on his body, marking him in her mind. She leaned in to nibble at his full bottom lip and he pulled away, moving his mouth out of her reach. She leaned in farther, tried to kiss him again, and once more he retreated. She looked up at him in question. Calan grinned at her like a fiend.

“You tease,” she whispered with a smile.

“Just trying to make you want me, lass,” he murmured, his hands probing her lower back. He moved his right hand over her ass, and she felt his middle finger slide along the center seam of her jeans, between her cheeks.

Her entire body erupted into flames.

“You do want me, don’t you?” he whispered.

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