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Tease Us Thursday...

Yes, it's that time again...

***Some Teasers contain adult content***

"Christ Lori, you're the best fuck I’ve ever had. No one can suck my cock like you can."
His words made my ardor for him increase. I pumped his cock in and out of my mouth repeatedly, sucking, caressing and using my hands to bring him pleasure. I held him back a number of times from coming, letting him savor his arousal. Then I knew he was ready as his cock stiffened and his hands were gripping my hair. He was breathing hard, he moaned loud and I took him over the edge. When he came, his cum erupted from the head like a mini volcano. Tony’s orgasm was so intense my mouth and tongue had a hard time consuming his ejaculation. My lips hummed and tingled. Sucking him was like an aphrodisiac.
Tony had my hair in his hand as he raised my head from his cock and pushed me onto my back. He came over me, using his finger to wipe a drip of his cum from my mouth. I took his finger and sucked it into my mouth and watched as his eyes turned crimson and wild with desire.
"Bitch, you're mine without a doubt. You will never suck another’s cock but mine from this day forward. I'm going to fuck you senseless. I'm going to do things to you, love you in ways you've never experienced before and you're going to enjoy it."
“Why are you running, Piper?” Chad's voice was so soft, so low it was almost a whisper. He leaned in, forcing her to look up at him.
Her eyes darted to the right when she denied it. “I’m not.”
“Oh, that's convincing.  Can we cut the bullshit? You do something to me and clearly I’m getting to you. I think we owe it to ourselves to explore it—together.”
Piper couldn’t even formulate a coherent thought when Chad was crowding her like this. He was much too close, too warm. The intoxicating smell of him insinuated itself into her nose like a drug and pumped her already careening blood flow even faster through her body.
His control astounded her. She was firing flames out her fingertips and he was the definition of cool. Slowly he tilted her chin up and lowered his mouth to hers. Piper found herself responding, unable to do anything else. Then he pulled back but his eyes still held her, a captured thing and she only had time enough for one quick breath before he dove again and swallowed the breath right out of her.
This kiss was harder, more demanding and Piper rode the car like a chamois cloth as he bent her backwards. Chad’s body molded to hers, pressed tight, and his fingers combed up through her hair.
When he finally eased back, he brought her with him.  Her legs buckled.
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“You really hate me, don’t you?” he asked quietly, interrupting her scattered thoughts.
She wanted to say both “yes” and “no.” Yes, because he shook her concentration and made her have very lustful thoughts. No, for the same reason. Mostly, though, she wanted to say she recognized he had the power to destroy her with his kisses and touches, which was a very scary feeling.
After all, she’d been destroyed before. And wasn’t going back there.
“What’s with all the women anyway?” she settled on saying instead. “Idon’t understand. You do these nice things for me, but I’ve seen you with allthose…”
“Bimbos,” he supplied, his perfect brows knit in a frown. “They are sort of my trademark, aren’t they?”
“They flock to you. Like pigeons to a statue. Hopefully, they leave less of a mess behind.” She narrowed her eyes at him.
“You’re cute when you’re jealous,” he drawled, making her blush.
Dionysus looked at her, his eyes holding more mirth now. “Josie, haven’t you noticed? I haven’t brought a woman to your bakery in quite sometime.”
It seemed to her in that moment the basement walls were closing in on her. Contriving to push her closer to his hard body. She took a step toward him, almost drowning in his grapey goodness. What she’d give to be able to lick him. To just drag her tongue up his neck. Would his skin taste like wine too? Heady, intoxicating, and sweet? “I guess not.”
He drew closer to her, towering over her petite stature. Staring down his nose at her, a nose so straight it looked like an “after” shot in a cosmetic surgeon’s office. His full lips opened slightly, and she could feel his wonderful breath on her face. It made her want to run right out, buy a few cases of dark merlot and bathe in the stuff.
“Why do you think that is, Josie?”

Elizabeth Morgan
"You've had Vampire saliva and blood on you." He rubbed his hand on his jeans. "Hell, you've had a whole Vampire on you; I can smell the bastard on your flesh."

Gold specks danced across his irises as his nostrils flared. He evaluated me. "Yet you're disgusted at me wanting to put a tiny bit of my saliva onto your wounds so they heal?"

"That's right."

His head snapped up, his stare locking on mine.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" He reached for my shirt, but I pulled away and continued down the next flight of stairs.

"Hey!" I growled as Brendan's left arm wound around my waist and he pulled me back against the wall of his chest. Heat enveloped me, along with the smell of pine and tangy sweat.

"Just hold still." He peeled back my shirt, then gently pulled off the bandage. Hot liquid landed on my wound. I gagged as Brendan started gently massaging his saliva into the cuts.

"This is so nasty."

He chuckled, warm breath skating over my neck. "I could always lick them for you."

The air caught in my throat and my stomach flipped at the suggestion. I could feel the heat of his body seeping into my back, spreading through me, killing the chill that settled over me for the last six weeks.

"Are you actually considering it, Slayer?" He growled softly into my ear.

I shivered. My head began to throb as I tried to think of some witty brush-off.

"No," was all that left my mouth.

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