Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tease Us Thursday

Maybe we have something here to entice the senses?

Taking another step back, he had to hop a little to avoid the scattered flowers. "Is this why you invited me over? It’s not your birthday?"

"It is my birthday. I did fib a little though. I’m not having a party." She stuck her bottom lip out in her best sultry pout. She was pulling out the big guns now and he still hadn’t laid so much as a finger on her. The sliver of doubt from the other night needled its way into her subconscious.

You’re white trash, Hope. He doesn’t want you.

He was running out of room. Backing up to the north wall of the trailer, he began inching
his way around the couch. "Why me?" He looked down at her body again, even though she could tell he was trying not to. "You could have any guy you wanted."

She took a step toward him, running a slow hand over one hip. She didn’t care if he meant one word of what he just said. It was the nicest thing she’d ever heard.

"I want you."

"Why?" he asked. She reached out and he caught her wrists. "Why, Hope?"

She was closer now, but he held her at arm’s length. She searched his face, liking the soft, expressive crinkles that radiated from the corners of his eyes. Liking the way his jaw was darkened by the promise of stubble. Liking his clean, fresh scent. But most of all, liking the way his skin felt against hers.

"Because. You’re lonely."

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Desire burned in his eyes as he said nothing and unzipped his trousers, that bastard wore nothing underneath. When he let his trousers drop to the floor, a pang of desire hit my womb. His cock was huge and the tip moist and glistening. The thought of that cock coming into me made me weak, increased my breathing and made my pussy so wet I knew I’d be coming all night.

Eric saw it, the desire and need, as he eased his body next to mine. He wound his hands in my long dark hair and descended upon my lips opened mouthed. He wasted no time, his kisses were demanding and carnal, he was meaning to fuck me hard. He kissed me senseless, his hands roaming my body, massaging my tits and squeezing my ass. He had me on the bed and now his mouth was on my breasts sucking one nipple after the other. His large hands felt every plane of me and now they were on my very wet and eager pussy. I opened my thighs for him as he eased two fingers into me, his thumb on my clit, pumping me, heightening my impending orgasm.

He stopped and looked me in the eyes.

“I must admit, Chance, what I see so far is very impressive, now let’s see if what I have heard about your God damn, legendary pussy is true,” he said as I began hitting him, he had truly hit a nerve.


Nowhere Arizona: The Sunset Warrior

 Madeline Sayers finds herself in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere, Arizona, that is. Out of the blistering heat of the sun, she sees Devon. Although, in her eyes he is truly magnificent, she fears him. Will he make her tear down the walls that she had built around herself? The seduction is hot and the colors are bright in Nowhere Arizona.



Clenching her thighs, Madeline was overwhelmed by the powerful sensations. A splendid wonder of such an erotic ride spread through her being as she even felt the tip of him touch her deep inside.

The muscles of her inner thighs twitched helplessly, and she tried to keep from screaming her euphoria aloud.

Panting in her ear, Devon laughed with wicked approval. “Mmm, yes, what a ride!”

Her body grew rigid as the tightening took hold of her, and she could not catch her breath as the rapturous feeling ran all the way up her torso.


Greg’s footsteps echoed on the stairs. Megan's heart raced in anticipation. She heard him clear his throat before opening the door. As he stepped in, she quickly placed her hands in her lap and diverted her eyes to the floor, but what she really wanted was to look up at him.
Greg stopped in front of her. “It’s been a long and frustrating day. Right now all I want is your pretty little mouth wrapped around my cock, sucking me off. What color are we at?”
“Green, Sir,” she responded.
Megan heard him let the zipper down. His pants and boxers then fell and he kicked them off.
“You may raise your head,” he said.
She looked up to see him slowly stroking his dick. He wrapped his free hand around her neck and guided her mouth to his cock. Megan opened right away, letting it slide in as far as she could.
Greg pulled out and held the tip to her lips. “Lick it.”
Is it hot in here?
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  1. as always Ella thanks for having me...great excerps

  2. Great pieces. Thanks for posting those. Only makes me want to read more of the books now.