Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tara Chevrestt Guest Blogger

I'm pleased to have guest blogger and fellow author Tara Chevrestt with me today.

One time, in an special group of friends, I asked them, "Who do you dedicate your books to?" At the time I was about to dedicate a book to an aunt of mine who inspired me while growing up. The discussion was about if the people you dedicate your work to even know it? Do they read your books? Do they really support you?

I decided not to dedicate the book in question to my aunt, not necessarily because she'd never know it, but I wasn't certain she would like being mentioned in a f/f romance. Family is funny about that stuff. *winks*

But when I wrote Maiden Behind the Mask, there was no doubt in my mind who I was dedicating it to. I dedicated it in the memory of my grandmother who just passed away this March. Why? Well, my grandmother never ran around Mexico wearing a mask and cape whilst sword fighting bandidos, but she was young once, and she loved. She was a Latina! 'Nuff said. :) And her mother was Catalina, a woman that passed on while I was a baby, but I know deep down inside if my grandmother were alive right now and I told her my heroine was named Catalina, she would be so pleased.

My grandmother didn't have a kindle. She wasn't that tech savvy, but she loved my work. I will never forget the last time I saw her. I sat down and read aloud to her, from my own kindle, one of my own stories. I've never done that before, read aloud one of my own stories. Her smiles and laughter and nods touched a spot deep in my soul.

I don't believe in Heaven or Hell, but I do believe my grandmother knows. I suspect she was even looking over my shoulder toward the end there. Mere hours before release, I was sweating bullets over that book, giving it one last read through, and I felt as though she were trying to tell me something.

I hope I got the message.


Thanks, Tara, for such a heartwarming post. I believe that not only you got the message, but your grandmother got one as well.



  1. Beautiful post! I dedicated my first book to my daughter because she's been my number one supporter and fan. I'm certain your grandmother knows.