Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tease Us Thursday...

Looking for a weekend read? Check out these excerpts...

Lyncee Shillard

If it were possible Crenshaw would have screamed but every muscle in his body was frozen. He flipped continuously as he rapidly descended through a black void. A cold breeze swirled around him lashing at his exposed skin. He had no idea where he was or what had happened. The overwhelming sleepiness had faded so he was fully aware of his surroundings or the lack thereof.
A flash of green light to his left pierced the endless blackness. A faint scrapping like a mouse scurrying along the marble floors of the ballroom in his castle broke the silence. The stench of decaying flesh filled his lungs scarring them. Gagging, he struggled to turn his head as his stomach lunged. There was no doubt the smell would forever linger in his nostrils.
Suddenly, his descent halted. Suspended in the air, a green mist curled around him. The darkness rolled away, revealing a scene from a nightmare. Arm bones, skulls, and rib cages littered the floor mere inches below him.
"Welcome, King Crenshaw. It is a pleasure to have you among us." A deep brutal voice bit out. "It isn't often someone as full of life as yourself travels the tunnels of the shades."
Crenshaw sighed, how many times had he wished to make this trip while Ovezara inflicted her never ending torture on his broken body. Countless hours, he spent pleading with Darivick to bestow the final kiss of death upon his brow.

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Ella Jade

They both said goodbye and headed out on their way. Trevor had a feeling neither of them wanted him to have anything to do with Lila. Not after the way things had ended between the two of them. There wasn't a day in the past six years he hadn't thought about her and what might have been.
* * * * *

"Trevor!" Lila screamed as he threw her over his shoulder and ran her down the beach. "Where are we going?"
"Someplace a little more secluded." He carried her to the cove behind the dunes because he was having a hard time keeping his hands off her.
"We'll miss the party."
"We can have our own party." He placed her on her feet, then spread out the blanket he'd swiped from the bonfire party. He sat down before pulling her into his lap. "I don't want to share you with all those people."
It was a warm June night. Lila had graduated from high school a few days before, and her classmates were celebrating on the beach.
"What do you want to do with me?"
"Hmm." He slipped his hand under her sundress and ran his fingers over her panties. "I want these off."
She bit her lip, and hesitated at his request.
"Don't say no to me." He kissed her as he tugged on the white lace. "Take them off."


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