Monday, June 4, 2012

A Contract for Something More...

I'm having a good week! Last Tuesday, I signed a contract for A Love Stolen, book one in my series and this week, Beachwalk Press offered me a contract for my contemporary romance novel Something More.

You may remember me talking about this one, or at least the lead character Brody.
Yeah... meet Brody Callahan. Totally swoon worthy!

Brody is loving, sensitive and loyal to Claudia, the girl who has captivated him. He is President of Callahan Industries. His father left the company in Brody's hands when he died five years before. Brody was just twenty-seven years old and was faced with much criticism from the board. He also has to battle his stepmother at every turn because she is upset her son, Brody's half-brother, Gavin wasn't made a full partner upon her husband's death. Brody has every intention of making his irresponsible sibling a partner once he can prove he's capable.
Now at thirty-two, Brody realizes he's done nothing but work the past ten years. He didn't think he'd been missing out on anything until he finds Claudia, the family housekeeper, asleep in a guest bedroom. He is instantly drawn to his very own Sleeping Beauty. There is something about this lonely, scared girl that calls to him. He knows she's hiding something, but what?
The more he gets to know her, the deeper he falls for her. He's determined to wait her out. If he can get her to trust him enough, eventually she'll open up.
Will Claudia's secret destroy any chances of a future together? Can they have something more?
Brody is in for one hell of a shock!

Something More is around 60k. When I initially started writing, the story was going to be more sensual than erotic, but that all changed when I wrote the first love scene. Hey, I'm simply the messenger. I do what the voices inside my head tell me to do. And after reading back my steamy scenes, well, I'm glad I had my listening ears on;) Maybe a few of you will be too.

Stay tuned for release day details...



  1. *fans self* He certainly is inspirational, isn't he? :-P

    Congrats on the new contracts!! :-D

    1. Yes, I totaly agree. I LOVED created him:)Thanks!

  2. Congrats! I can't wait to read Brody's story!

    Michelle V

    1. Thanks, Michelle! He was fun to write.

  3. Replies
    1. And sexy, caring, tender, hot... lol