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At the Beach by Ella Jade...

I'm back! Sorry I missed last week. The end of the school year activities are making me crazy. To make up for missing last week's post, I'm including two here today. This is the final installment of Haven Shores. If you''re just joining us, you can click here to get the story from the beginning.

Here is the conclusion of Haven Shores...


The next night, Rosa made her way down the path. Her heart beat at an unusually fast pace. Her anxiety was at an all time high, but she wasn't sure why. She found Logan's game intriguing, but he scared her. Not in a serial killer kind of way, but there was an intensity that surrounded him. He was quiet but commanding. When she was around him all she wanted him to do was devour her. She needed him to extinguish the ache that had been building inside her from the moment she'd met him.
Logan wasn't in his usual spot at the end of the path. Upon further investigation, Rosa found him set back a few feet and nestled in an out cove camouflaged by some tall, wispy grass. He'd found a more secluded spot for their meeting.
Calvin was already asleep a few feet away from where Logan rested on a blanket. His smile made her stomach dance. She'd never wanted anyone as much as she'd wanted him. Up until now, sex was something she'd done to do. She was hardly a virgin, but compared to Logan she knew nothing. She was pretty certain her college boyfriends didn’t possess the knowledge Logan had either.
"The blanket is new." She glanced down at the large blue throw.
He reached for her hand and pulled her closer to where he sat. She stumbled forward, but managed to stop before tumbling into his lap.
"I wouldn't want you to get sand in places where it didn't belong." He placed his hand on the back of her thigh.
"You're presuming I did what you asked." She almost didn’t recognize the sound of her throaty, desperate voice.
"I'm quite certain you did what I asked." He trailed his hand up to her backside. "Because if you didn't you would regret it." He squeezed her bare cheeks. "You are a good girl, aren't you?"
"Sometimes." She ran her fingers through his hair. She could smell the clean scent of his shampoo as she disturbed the neatly styled locks.
"I'll let you be bad." He guided her down between his legs, resting her back against his chest. "They'll be plenty of time to see just how naughty you can be for me."
"I'll do whatever you want." She pressed into him when he slipped his hand under her dress and rested it on her stomach. She could feel the summer breeze caressing her naked, wet center.
"I know." He licked the skin below her ear. "That's what makes you so desirable."
She leaned her head against his shoulder as he slid his fingers inside her. Her body tensed under his touch because even in such a secluded area of the beach, Rosa still felt exposed.
"You need to relax for me." He moved his fingers in and out of her. "I promise no one will see us."
She let out the breath she held and gave into what her body wanted. 
"That's a good girl. When you trust me, all things are possible." The sound of his commanding voice sent shivers down her spine.
Rosa let need take over as she moved her hips into his hand. He kept a steady rhythm. She wondered just how deep he could get with those skilled fingers.
"My Princess is eager." He moved his thumb to her clit, stroking it for a few seconds, creating the most delicious sensation between her legs.
She felt the heat building in her stomach, and then that familiar tingling threatened to overtake her. Just as she was about to scream out his name he stopped and pulled out of her drenched pussy.
Why did he stop?
Through hooded eyes, she tilted her head and looked up at him. Her chest rose and fell at a rapid pace as she waited for him to continue.
"Anticipation." He brought his wet fingers to her mouth and ran her arousal along her lips. "Can be a good thing."
"I don't—"
"Shh." He lowered his head, pressing his lips against hers.  "The reward will be worth the wait."
Damn it!
Rosa tossed and turned in her bed as the thunder and lightning rumbled and flashed outside her window. Each night she spent with Logan it got increasingly harder to come back and sleep in her own bed. Four nights on the beach and no relief. The man had a gift for bringing her to the brink and then pulling back just before the reward, as he liked to call it.
What kind of sick person does that? Who wouldn't want to bring their woman pleasure? He wouldn't even allow her to take care of it herself. He told her not to touch what belonged to him. Rosa couldn't believe she obeyed him. How the hell would he know if she came on her own?
Why do I have to do it? It's his job to satisfy me!
Before she knew what she was doing, she threw on a pair of tiny jean shorts over her black thong and then slipped on her flip flops. She intended to tell Logan just how frustrated she was. She headed out in the height of the storm, running three doors down to his massive house.
The cool rain sprayed her face as she ran up his front steps. She wiped her cheeks and pushed the wet hair from her eyes. She was sure she was a hot mess. What am I doing? She didn't need to beg for sex. The whole BDSM thing was kinky two nights ago, but now his game was just plain irritating.
Just as she was about to turn and head back home, she heard Calvin barking.
Crap! Damn dog!
The porch light flickered on and the front door flew open. Rosa stood frozen on the steps with her back to the door.
"Princess? What are you doing out on a night like this?"
She straightened her shoulders, turned and faced him. "I'm here to see you."
He widened the door and motioned for her to enter. She noticed he was shirtless and wearing tattered jeans and his feet were bare. He must have been asleep and she'd caught him off guard. Well, if he'd given her what she needed a few hours before maybe they'd be curled up in bed together.
"What can I do for you at such a late hour? Is something wrong?"
"What kind of game are you playing, Collins?"
"In my home." He stalked toward her, keeping his voice calm and controlled. "You'll refer to me as Sir or Mr. Collins."
His chiseled jaw tightened when she didn’t comply.  
She'd pissed him off. She wasn't there to make him mad. He needed to know how much she wanted him.
"I wanted to see you. No more games."
"I see." He let his eyes wander down her body. "You're soaked."
You have no idea.
He reached for her tank top and slipped it over her head, revealing her breasts to him. He licked his lips as he studied her naked chest.
She took a step toward him, reaching out to run her hands along his muscular abs and chest. His body felt flawless underneath her palms.  
"I need you," she said. "I can't take it anymore."
He pushed her up against the wall, pinning her against it with his hard form. "You're sure this is what you want." He ran his lips along her jaw. "You want me to take you?"
"God, yes!"
He gripped her wrists in his hand and held them above her head. "There's nothing I want more than to have you in my bed." He ground his hips, pressing his aroused cock against her thigh. She liked feeling trapped and at his mercy.
"Now, please…" She didn’t care how desperate she sounded.
He released her arms, scooped her up and carried her to his bedroom. She'd lost her flip flops somewhere along the way. He kissed and nipped at her lips and jaw as he walked up the stairs. The feel of his stubble against her face only made her want this attractive, capable man even more.
He set her down by the bed, kneeling down in front of her. "I've thought about putting my mouth on you for days." He undid the button of her shorts and lowered the zipper, never taking his smoldering eyes away from hers. The flashes of lightening allowed her to see his face.  "I bet you taste so sweet."
She gripped his shoulders for support as he slipped her shorts down her thighs. She jumped when he ran his hands up the backs of her legs, caressing her skin ever so lightly. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and rid her of them too.
She twisted her fingers in his hair when he moved his face closer to her center. The feeling of his warm breath against her pussy sent a tingle down her spine, but nothing prepared her for the sensation his tongue created when he French kissed her down there. He swirled his tongue inside her folds and sucked her clit between his lips. She never experienced anything that sensual before. He tilted his head as he ran his tongue along her slit. The more he kissed her there, the harder it was for her to stand. Her knees buckled and her legs quivered. He must have sensed her loss of balance because he tugged her down to the floor with him and lay her on the plush rug.
"As much as I want to finish with my tongue, I can't wait to get inside you." She heard him lower his zipper and maneuver out of his jeans. As he reached into the nightstand just above them, she felt his erection brush against her thigh. The room was dark, but she could hear him rip the foil packet and then roll it into place.
He lowered himself on top of her, with one swift move, he spread her thighs with his muscular leg. She reached down, taking his length in her hand and running it along her slit. He growled against her neck. "Don't tease me."
"It would serve you right after the way you made me wait this week." She pressed his tip at her entrance. "Maybe you should anticipate."
He pushed her hand out of the way and plunged inside her. "Maybe you should let me take control."
"Yes…" She thrust her hips upward as he wrapped her legs around his waist.
"You're so tight." He pulled all the way out of her and then slipped back inside her heat. He repeated his motion a few more times before Rosa's climax surged through her body.
"Logan." Her orgasm came on fast and hard. She shook beneath him and her pussy tightened around his cock.
He increased his pace, lowering his lips to her neck. She ran her fingers through his hair, guiding his mouth to her breasts. When he wrapped his lips around her nipple, she felt another climax building inside her. She hadn't even recovered from the first one but his tongue on her breasts ignited another powerful orgasm.
"You're amazing." She felt his body tense when he gripped her hips. "I'm gonna, oh, I can't…" He couldn’t finish his sentence, but she knew what he was trying to say. She felt his warm come as it filled the condom. He collapsed on top of her, holding her against him as they both tried to catch their breath.
He peppered her face with kisses before getting up and retreating to the bathroom. A soon as he moved from her she missed their connection. She needed to be close to him, to feel the warmth of his skin on hers.
She didn’t want to get up but knew she'd be more comfortable in his bed, so she climbed into the large bed and scooted to the far side by a huge window that overlooked the ocean. A few moments later, he crawled in next to her and pulled her against his side.
"Was it worth the wait?" He kissed the top of her head.
"We should have done that four days ago."
"They'll be many more nights like tonight." He laughed.
"I thought you'd be more dominant. You know, like tie me up or order me to do things." Not that the sex wasn't explosive, but he was tender and slow. His love making was unexpected, but nice.
"You said no more games, so I thought you'd had enough of my dominance."
"I still want to play like that, but I couldn't take not having you. It was too intense."
"I understand." He twisted a strand of her hair around his finger.
"You do?"
He nodded.
"If you're into this whole BDSM thing, why did you give in tonight? Why didn’t you just tell me to leave?"
"I told you, I only dabble these days. I play occasionally when I find a willing partner. If you had said you didn’t want to play with me that night on the beach, I still would have pursued you. Just not in a dominant way."
"Because I like you and I want to be with you." He kissed the tip of her nose. She smiled because he was too adorable. "I'd like to see where this goes."
"Me too." She snuggled closer to him. "Can I sleep here tonight?"
"Do you honestly believe I'd let you leave?" He pulled the comforter over top of them. "But you need to know I don't sleep alone." He patted the side of the bed and within a second Calvin hopped onto the mattress, settling in between them. "I hope that's okay."
"It's perfect." She giggled. "I respect a man who won't kick his loyal friend out of his bed for a woman."
"Oh, I'll kick him out when the time comes." He ran his fingers down the side of her body, tracing small circles over her hipbone. "Trust me."
"I do." She kissed him. "More than I've ever trusted anyone else."
"Good girl." He brushed his lips against hers. "Tonight is just the beginning…"

The End
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