Saturday, May 26, 2012

Haven Shores by Ella Jade

It's Saturday. Are you ready for a little sex at the beach? If you've missed the first installments of Haven Shores click here.


Rosa slipped on her favorite yellow halter dress, pulled her hair into a clip and then headed down to the beach. As the sun set, she sought out Logan and Calvin. They hadn't set up anything officially, but when they parted the night before Logan said he'd see her tonight.
Rosa couldn't get the sexy stranger out of her head. She thought about him all day. He'd barely touched her, but she saw the hunger in his eyes. She knew he wanted her and now she was on her way to see just how far he wanted to take things.
They spent two hours the night before talking and getting to know one another. They had much in common and even liked the same little island in Greece. They joked that they'd have to visit it together. Rosa really didn’t see that happening, but it was nice to dream about it.
When she approached their spot on the beach, Logan was already waiting for her. He wore a tight black t-shirt and cargo shorts. She'd never seen such muscular biceps before. Actually, up until now she'd dated boys. Logan was the first man she'd encountered.
"Have a seat, little one."
Little one?
"My name is Ros—"
"Sit." He patted the spot next to him.
For some odd reason, she didn't want to fight him. She dropped to her knees and settled in next to him, obeying his simple command. His voice was soft but stern. He excited her.
He stared out into the ocean as he spoke. "You've learned something about me, and yet, you came seeking me out last night. Why?"
"I don't know what you mean."
"Lying is a very unattractive quality."
She wasn't sure what she should say. How could he possibly know what she'd learned about him?
 "Stella felt bad for outing me, so she called her cousin, who called to warn me that I may have been exposed."
"Oh." Rosa had no idea that knowing Logan went to a BDSM club was such a big deal.
"I like my privacy," he said. "I hope you can respect that."
"I won't tell anyone."
"That's a good girl." He turned to face her. "Why did you come back looking for me last night if you already knew what I was into?"
Rosa squeezed her thighs together, trying to alleviate the constant throb between them. If Logan didn’t touch her tonight she might explode. "I want to be with you." She ran her hand over the stubble on his jaw because she'd been thinking about doing that all day.
"Really?" He smirked. "Do you have any idea what being with me could entail?"
"When you said if I belonged to you, you'd take me over your knee, I knew I wanted you then. I don’t care what you’re into."
"I don't practice that way of life anymore, but I still dabble." He pulled her long hair from the clip and tangled his fingers in it, drawing her closer to his lips. "Would you be interested in playing with me?"
She nodded.

He brushed his lips against her mouth. She'd waited two days for him to kiss her, not a very long time she knew, but it felt like an eternity. She continued to rub her hand along his jaw as he deepened the kiss. His lips were soft, but his tongue was hot and eager. She wondered what else he could do with that tongue.
The possibilities…
He kept one hand twisted in her hair, holding her against his mouth as his other explored the skin along her shoulders and throat. He trailed his fingers around to the back of her neck and worked at the knot where her dress connected in the back.
She didn’t want to stop kissing him, but she wasn't wearing a bra and if he undid the dress she'd be on display for the entire beach to see. It was secluded and dark, but someone could pass by.
"Logan." She placed her hand on his chest. "Maybe we should take this to one of our houses."
He shook his head, toying with the strap of the dress. As his fingers brushed the back of her neck, a chill ran down her spine. She saw the need in his eyes. The same desire that had been there the night before. He didn’t look like he was going to relent.
"No one will see us."
He slipped his hand out of her hair and ran it over the front of her dress, quickly finding her aroused nipples straining against the thin material. She closed her eyes and held back a moan when he rubbed his fingertips over them.
As much as she wanted him, she couldn't allow him to undress her on the beach. She knew she had a pretty hot body, but she was hardly an exhibitionist.
"Do you trust me?" He moved his lips to her neck.
"I want to," she whispered.
"Very well." He removed his hands from her. "Then we'll start with a more basic request."
Did this mean the touching part was over?
"You'll meet me here tomorrow night when the sun sets and you'll wear one of these skimpy little dresses. Can you do that?"
"Of course." She smiled. "That's it?"
He gazed into her eyes for a few moments before running his tongue along her bottom lip "Don't wear panties."
What would you do?

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