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Tease Us Thursday...

Welcome to our very first Tease Us Thursday Segment. I'm so excited!
Readers...are you ready to be tantalized? Maybe find a new read or two just in time for the weekend?

The most beautiful sight greeted me as I walked in the door. Mia was indeed awake. She yawned and stretched as she shook off the sleep haze. A tantalising sliver of skin was visible between her shorts and top. My mouth watered in anticipation to see more.
“Good morning,” I said as I walked over and sat down next to her on the bed.
“You should have woken me up,” she grumbled.
“I’ve only been awake about fifteen minutes myself. Mum has bacon and eggs cooking as we speak. Do you want to eat or shower first?” I asked
“Eat please,” she said as she crawled into my lap. She then gave me a fantastic good morning kiss, wiggling her hips just enough to tease me into a hard-on. After the kiss ended, she laughed and hopped off my lap.
“You coming?” she asked as she headed to the door.
“Almost,” I said in a cheeky tone. I stood up so she could get the full effect of what she had done to me.
She ran back over to me and whispered in my ear, “If you’re a good boy I’ll take care of that for you in the shower after breakfast.”
That didn’t help the situation in my pants at all. The sassy woman then had the hide to flash me her boobs as she ran out the door. I was the luckiest man on the planet.


Contemporary/Romantic Suspense
Kaylie Newell

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” 
“You’re going to walk home along the Pacific coast highway in the dark?”
“That, or call a cab. Either one is preferable than spending any more time being lectured to death.” She yanked free and made a beeline for the door. Behind her, she heard him mumble a few choice words and ask the waitress for the check.
Outside, the evening was perfection. A warm California breeze blew off the water to cool her overheated skin. The moon was already hanging plump and round in the sky and was attracting stars like tiny bugs to a porch light.
Stomping toward the road, she dug her phone out of her purse.
“Wait a minute!”
She continued walking, ignoring the voice behind her.
“Jessica! Will you just wait?”
“Why?” Tears prickled her eyes.It was all too much. The kidnapping, her father, the stress at work, her feelings for a man whom she barely knew but couldn’t stop thinking about and who had just now succeeded in making her feel like a complete idiot. Suddenly, all she wanted to do was crumple up in a tidy little ball and cry.
Instead she whirled and faced Ian Cole, surprising herself. “Why, Detective? So you can
tell me how stupid I am? So you can ridicule my decision making skills? No, thanks.”
He approached like a wild thing, matching her anger with his own. “You know what your problem is?”
She tossed her head. “No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”


Excerpt contains mild adult content
Now, Gabriel noted, Michael sat with his hands loosely clasped together, resting on the surface of the table. He was listening attentively as Remiel finished talking about the latest duties he had taken care of, providing mercy and compassion, as was his gift, to those souls who needed it. Remiel, strawberry blond with his nose and cheeks lightly dusted with freckles, would often work in tandem with Samael and Gabriel. War and Death frequently needed the touch of Mercy to temper the violence and pain that both caused.
Gabriel was still only paying scant attention to what was being said. He continued gazing at Michael, making sure not to be obvious about it. He didn’t want to embarrass Michael for one thing, and he didn’t want to leave himself open for endless teasing from the others for another. Michael was beautiful, Gabriel thought, watching as Michael sat, calm and composed, his simple pale-gray suit elegant and refined. However, Gabriel knew that beneath Michael’s civilized exterior lay a powerful being capable of destroying civilizations, and Gabriel found the dichotomy of shy, gentle Michael and violent killer fascinating… and not a little sexy. He wondered what Michael’s body looked like beneath Michael’s clothes, if the power he knew lay at the core of Michael’s Grace was represented in his physical form by muscles and a lean, hard body. Gabriel suppressed the thrill he felt as the idea of shoving Michael up against a wall and kissing him, tearing his clothes off, and being kissed back filled his mind.


Adult Excerpt

Violeta sat up in bed and tugged the front of her nightgown away from her damp skin. The oppressive summer night had wakened her, or so she thought. She glanced around the room, a strange feeling sweeping over her. Despite the heat, a shiver rolled through her. She rose from the bed and pulled off her nightgown. Naked, she walked to the window and the warm breeze caressed her. Stepping closer, she gazed out the window and her heart skipped a beat when she saw Grigori standing in the grass outside her window. He wore his beast-half. Powerful muscles rippled beneath his striped coat. His black wings fluttered and he tilted his face toward hers. The intensity in his eyes momentarily stole her breath.
He spread his wings and ascended while beckoning her with his finger. As if drawn by magic, she stepped onto the window ledge. When he hovered near, she climbed onto his back, with the help of his guiding arm.
Violeta's heart pounded. His sleek body felt wonderful between her legs. His short, coarse coat tickled her flesh and his warmth seeped into her.
"Hold me," he said, his voice husky.
Closing her eyes, Violeta slid her arms around his lean waist and pressed her cheek to his back. Strangely, she didn't care that she was naked or that he must feel the dampness of her pussy. This felt right.
He rose higher, beyond the treetops and the castle towers, until they soared through the open sky.


Tasmin Robins has worked hard to earn her coveted diplomatic internship on the mysterious imperial world of Aurora. Driven and smart, though occasionally impulsive, Tas has a ten-year plan -- and it doesn't include love.

When Tasmin risks her life to save a stranger, she has no idea her sacrifice will leave her fate entwined with the most powerful man on Aurora -- DeMarcus Le'JeMur, Prince of the Stars and Ruler Of The Seven Kingdoms, ruler of the planets under Aurorian control.

When DeMarcus impulsively declares he owes Tasmin a life debt, she must convince the Imperial Council to grant them both their freedom. But after a night of erotic delights with the sexy alien, will she be able to let him go?


Hannah Franklin froze in the doorway of Ian Bradley’s weight room. Ian lay shirtless on the bench as he pressed the bar into the air over his muscular chest. With each rep he did, the muscles in his chest rippled deliciously. She licked her suddenly dry lips and cleared her throat.

His gaze caught hers, and he smiled. He rested the weight on the stand. “Hey, is everything okay?” He sat up and wiped his palms on his khaki cargo shorts.

“Yeah, we just received a call about a new case.” She still found it hard to believe how many people had wanted to hire them after going against MAX Home Security. Sometimes, they actually had to turn people away. What a feeling.

Ian raised an eyebrow at her. “Tell me more. What is it about?”

“It’s Leon. He wants to meet with us at St. Gregory’s hospital in a little over an hour. He seemed pretty stressed.” She leaned her shoulder against the doorframe, and a frown tugged at the corners of her lips.

Ian stood and then crossed the room to her. His hands cradled her neck, and he pulled her in for a warm kiss. His lips brushed hers, and she opened her mouth to him, allowing his tongue to stroke hers and fan the burning flames within her body.

Hannah gently pushed away after a moment. “I said we would be on our way.” She raked her gaze over his firm, sweat-slick torso. “Besides, I think you need a break from working out.”


Leigh Ronaldson has had a rough year.  Dumped by her fiancĂ© for being dull, she plans a trip with her much more exciting best-friend to kayak up the Amazon River.  When her friend is suddenly struck down with a gull bladder, she decides to be very un-Leigh-like and take the trip alone.  She expects a week of amazing scenery, incredible wildlife, and to come back with stories that will shatter her boring queen title forever.  She does not anticipate just how hot her tour guide Nick will make her feel or that the trip would include dodging bullets from the local drug cartel.
Nick helped to open Eden's Explorations so he could share his love of the wilderness with others.  There are very few rules he follows except for one: he does not have sex with the customers.  Never. No hooks after the trip. Pleasure and business just do not mix. But then he’s never seen a client with legs like Leigh’s.  The attraction between them sizzles until it explodes.  If Nick can keep his hormones in check, perhaps he can bring them both out alive.  If not, the dream he has found in Leigh might end in a nightmare.

(also available on Amazon)


J.J. Massa

Three M/M Short Stories: Volume One

You never know when you'll find Mister Right--or even Mister Right Now. Sometimes you need one thing, sometimes another.

Chasing Jonas
Is life just beginning for Jonas, or is it all mapped out?He doesn't know it yet, but somebody has plans for Jonas. Plans he just mightlike…

After Class
Just because a college career is nearly at its end, there's no reason to stop learning. But first, you have to find just the right professor.

Office Politics
 Mark has had a thing for his boss since the first day. Unfortunately, Jack Weaver is a man's man  in a politically correct climate.Too bad Mark doesn't understand politics.

Find this book at J.J. Massa---Amazon or Smashwords.

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