Friday, April 13, 2012

At the Beach is now available as a download...

Do you want something steamy, sexy and OMG FREE to read this weekend? At the Beach is now available as a free download over at Beachwalk Press.

At the Beach is a four author compilation of stories that take place... wait for it... At the Beach!

Guess what? My short story Waves of Change is included...

Accomplished photographer and artist Ally Nicholas finds herself alone at her beach house trying to move on from her husband’s death. She fills her days by the ocean, secretly sketching the attractive lifeguard who fuels her nightly fantasies. What happens when the object of her inspiration knocks on her door one evening? Will she give into temptation?
Hop on over to Beachwalk Press and get your eBook copy today...

The Beachwalk Press Authors are busy writing Vol 2 as we speak. We'll start posting our individual stories on our blogs on May 1, 2012. Once they're complete, you'll be able to get your free download for those too.

Stay tuned for details. My posting day will be Saturday. I'll post a portion of the story until I'm done, but in the meantime go check out Volume 1. There are some great stories and maybe you'll find a new author or two.

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