Sunday, March 25, 2012

Musings of Ella...

Hey All!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I've had a busy few weeks. It seems as though I've been writing nonstop. I started a new WIP called Something More and managed to write over 30k in about a week. My eyes hurt and my brain is fried, but I like what I've got going. Since I'm at the half way point, tomorrow I'll edit what I have so far. My word count goal is somewhere in the 60k neighborhood. More details to come as I move forward with the book.


I signed a contract with Ruby Lioness Press for a steamy, short read called Three's A Crowd for a new line they're launching. This one is just over 3k but its spicy. Here's the premise...

Conner Hughes is a lucky man. Janine and Sierra, the two sexy women who live downstairs from him have invited him to watch their intimate time in the bedroom. Conner is a willing spectator, but can't believe it when Janine asks him to join in on the fun. Conner is drawn to Sierra is ways he'd never imagined. There is something very familiar about the dark-haired beauty that has him wondering why she calls to him.

When fantasy mixes with reality, Conner gives into temptation in more ways than one. Will he figure out who Sierra is to him? Can the feeling last all night?
Three's A Crowd isn't a menage, but you'll have to see what I mean when you read it. I hope to have it released in the next few months.


I'm also trying to get into the holiday spirit. Yes, I know it is only March, but I'm answering the call for a Christmas Anthology. I'm working on a short story called Silent Night, Unexpected Night. Hopefully, I'll find it a home and share it with you when we're all in the holiday cheer. It's a May/December fling that is sure to heat up your December.


I've also received my cover and release date for my BDSM novella Make Me Stay. I'm sure edits will grace my in-box real soon. I'll leave you with the cover in case you missed it the other day. It's scheduled to release on July 16, 2012. I promise, the hero, Cade Jameson will make you tingle in all the right places.

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