Monday, February 20, 2012

Falling In Danger by Kaylie Newell

Happy Release Day Kaylie!

I'm pleased to welcome my fellow Beachwalk Press Author Kaylie Newell to the blog. Her new novel Falling In Danger released with Beachwalk Press today.

Ella, thanks so much for having me!  I’m pretty excited-  My contemporary/romantic suspense, Falling In Danger releases today and it’s a book that I hope will keep readers turning the pages late into the night ;)
It’s about a young, na├»ve reporter who stumbles onto an illegal dog fighting organization in Los Angeles.  Even though the ring is busted soon after, she can’t forget what she’s seen.  She’s driven to do a story on the dogs who were left behind and the sexy detective who ended up saving them.  In the process, she discovers layers of her heart she never knew existed.

This book is a special one for me, not only because I fell in love with my hero, Ian Cole while writing it (luckily my husband doesn’t mind sharing), but also because I’m a huge animal lover.  My amazing publisher, Beachwalk Press, has agreed to donate 40% of the proceeds from Falling In Danger to The Pixie Project animal rescue in Portland, Oregon.  It’s my hope that some animal lives, as well as some human ones, will be touched by this incredible gift.

Happy reading!



This way.” Fitz pulled her down another hallway until they reached a door at the end. She limped along, her arm rigid in his hand.
“What are you planning on doing to me?”
Fitz eyed her as he opened the door. “Come on.”
Jessica leaned to the side, looking directly down an obscure flight of stairs which led God knew where. “Down there?”
He didn’t answer, but tugged on her arm, taking the first step down.
She locked her knees in place, her one useless Jimmy Choo sliding maddeningly on the tile. “I’m not going down there.”
“Yes, you are.”
“No, I’m not.” Her voice cracked.
“Yes. You are.”
She yanked, but it was no use. He held tight.
Full-fledged alarm finally lit her up like a firecracker. She kicked and clawed, while strange noises escaped her throat. She was vaguely aware of an arm wrapping around her waist, even as she arched away, bucking like something wild.
“Stop it,” he hissed. “You’re only going to make it worse, do you understand me?”
In reply, she turned and sunk her teeth into his shoulder.
He snatched her up, this time not seeming to care if he hurt her in the process. Again, she was slung over his shoulder as he made his way down the staircase. She twisted around, desperately trying to get a look at what was waiting at the bottom. Her heart slammed in her chest, and she couldn’t catch her breath. Being upside down wasn’t helping. Where was a paper bag when you needed one?
Fitz slowed and reached over to switch on a light at the base of the staircase, never easing his grip off the back of her legs. A weak, yellow glow overtook the room, and she looked up, shoving her hair out of her eyes.
It was sparsely furnished, and dim. She peered into every corner, trying to make out the details. The tangy, sweet smell of marijuana made her nose wrinkle, as well as something else she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Something vaguely familiar…and unsettling.
“If I put you down, are you going to be a good girl?”
She gritted her teeth, and mumbled.
“All right then.” With that, he leaned over and deposited her into a heap on the floor.
Glaring up at him, she scrambled to her feet, too overcome with fear to stay where she was.
She looked around again, stepping closer to Fitz, not knowing what should scare her more; him, or whatever was in the room with her.
Then she heard the unmistakable sound of a chain dragging in the corner. She whipped around and took a step backward, bumping into the wall of a man behind her. She flinched at the feel of his skin on hers, but couldn’t move away.
“What was that?” Her voice was no more than a squeaky exhale of air.
“That?” He took her arm and pulled her away from the shadows she gaped at. “That was Bruta.”

You can purchase Falling In Danger at Beachwalk Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


  1. I've read Falling in Danger and it is awesome. Five stars all the way. I could not put it down. Congrats, Kaylie, on a well-crafted tale of suspense and romance.