Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meet the Author...Marlene Sanchez

Born in Manhattan, Raised in Miami, Living in Alabama.
Marlene Sanchez is a Daughter, a Sister, a Niece, a Cousin, a Friend, a Wife, a Mother, a Step-Mother, and an Aunt… She thrives off her Family and Friends, and tries to live her life to the fullest… Her children are her life, but her passion is writing.
Her novels reflect her Hometown of Miami, her Cuban upbringing and her love for gangster movies (legal and police dramas too).

What motivates Marlene Sanchez the author? Why do you write?
    I write because I love it and feel passionate about it. The strong desire to succeed keeps me motivated to keep trudging on.
What is your favorite genre to write and why?
    My favorite genre(s) is crime/mystery/suspense with a sprinkle of romance here and there for extra flavor. I write this genre because I love weaving the tale that leads to the “whodunit”. Having grown up on Nancy Drew it seemed like a natural progression. I did make an attempt to write romance, but I just couldn’t do it. It sounded like mushy blah LOL.
How did you get into eBook publishing?
    I actually stumbled on it when I was researching publishers for my novel. When I dug a little deeper and got more information on them I thought they could be a great interim until I was able to find a print publisher. Now I’m glad I discovered them because I think eBooks are definitely the place to be.
What did you do when you found out your first book had been contracted?
    After I stopped freaking out and crying, I called my husband (he was at work) and then my mom. I think I scared her at first cuz I was still crying and a little hysterical. I waited until I had calmed down a bit before calling my sisters. I didn’t want to scare them too LOL.
Do you have any words of inspiration to aspiring authors? What advice would you offer a writer trying to publish?
     If you feel passionate about what you write, don’t give up on your dream to succeed. Yes, it’s a tough business to excel in, I’m not going to lie to you, but you’ll never know how far you can go if you don’t try. For those of you with goals of getting published, please be sure you do your homework and ask around. There are plenty of good legitimate places for your masterpiece, but there are just as many scams. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Tell us about your current release. 

 Waves of Deceit is about an FBI Agent, Michael Walker, who is assigned to infiltrate back into the Miami Beach crime family he left when he was 17.

Blurb: Once he reached the Lounge he looked over the railing at the crowd of their friends as they danced to the great music the DJ was dishing out to them.  He nodded at the DJ, who stopped the music.  Manny flipped on the mic and turned his attention to all his guests.  “I know you’re wondering why I called you all to this little shin-dig.  Despite what you all think it wasn’t just for the hell of it, although you all know I love to throw a party.”  The crowd cheered as Manny raised his hand in laughter.  “Seriously though, I have a reason for this.  I wanted to give a proper welcome home to my best friend.”  He looked over to Michael, who was standing behind him next to Bianca.  “Come up here bro.  This is the reason for our mega party.  Mikey has finally found his way back home.”  The crowd went wild as Michael stood next to Manny and waved to all his friends.  As he looked over he saw some faces he did not recognize right away, but others stood right out.  He even saw the cousins, Miguel and Carlos, standing by the bar their faces blank and expressionless.
Michael leaned over to Manny and whispered in his ear while everyone was still making a big deal about his return.  “Don’t look now, but Miguel and Carlos don’t look too happy to see me.”  He chuckled as he casually pointed over to the bar where they were sitting.  Manny looked over, and motioned to them to come and join them in the Lounge.
They hesitated at first, but knew it was not wise to deny a request from the boss.  They took a last sip from their drinks and head toward the stairs to the Lounge.  They tried their best to put on their fake ‘welcome back’ expressions, but Michael saw right through them.  He played along for Manny’s sake and the sake of his mission, but he knew it was going to be a bumpy ride with the two of them.  He felt the chill crawl up his spine; it was not a good thing.
“Let’s get down there and mingle.  Everyone is here to see you bro, so let’s give the people what they want.”

“Yes sir.”  He said to Manny in a playful tone.  He put his arm around his friends shoulder and headed downstairs, with Bianca not too far behind.  Once he hit the floor he was swarmed by everyone there.  He saw people he barely remembered.  He had no idea his life in the family had made such an impact on so many people.  Right then he realized how much he had missed it, and how happy he was to be back where he belonged.

Do you have any upcoming projects in the works?
 I have a few things in the works. I am currently working on the sequel to Waves of Deceit, called Waves of Vengeance, for this year’s NaNoWriMo. I also have the Martina Rosequete Investigations series planned. Book 1, Accidents Happen, is available now electronically and in print. Book 2, Boiling Point, is outlined (mostly) and ready to go. This entire series should keep me pretty busy for awhile.
Where can readers connect with you?
     Aol IM – Marlene5972
Thanks so much for joining us today.

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