Sunday, October 9, 2011

Upping My Word Count...

My new WIP refused to behave!

I'm a wordy thing. I won't lie, but up until now my books have hovered just below the 45K mark with the exception of Jocelyn's Choice. That novel originally clocked in at around 120,000. When it was under consideration at Noble YA, I was asked to cut it down to 50K. I did and we all know how that turned became my first published piece.

Here I am, one year later and I'm working on Passion's Pain. I thought it was going to come in somewhere around 75K and that was going to be long for me. When I reached the halfway point the other day something wasn't sitting well with me. I didn't think I could do the story justice. It's a complicated tale. The heroine finds herself in a very unintentional love triangle. She's fallen for a much older man, but his son, who is her age, is developing feelings for her. Told you it was complicated.

In any case, I decided to sleep on it. Of course I didn't sleep because I was too keyed up over how I was going to resolve this story. I've always known where I was going to end up, but it was how I was going to get there that stumped me. In the end, I needed more time to tell the story. *Face palm* Why didn't I think of that before? There were so many twists and turns and lots of emotion. I couldn't cut any of it. So, back to the drawing board I went and came up with a solid revised outline. I'm happy and less stressed!

Now I'm off to research publishers who take manuscripts over 100K. Let's hope that doesn't stress me out! lol

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