Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy October!

I love October!  Always have. I think its my fondness for all things dark...vampires, witches, bad boys, Halloween, the color black. You get my point. My house is already transformed into a shrine to autumn. My Fall decorations keep growing because I can't stop adding to them. When my husband took the containers of decorations down from the attic the other day, he asked if we were decorating the White House.  Whatever!

In addition to celebrating the harvest season, carving pumpkins, watching the Great Pumpkin over and over again, going on hayrides and praying the Phillies make this an extra special October, I have something new to add. I'm a published author this year, and I have lots going on.

First, we have so many talented  authors stopping by the blog this month. We're booked solid and I couldn't be happier to share all of these creative writers with you. Look for nine authors to share with you.  You can check out the Meet the Author Schedule tab to see who and when. I'm sure you'll find a new fave or two among them.

As for little old me...

The Be My Everything Blog tour starts today. You can find me over at Secrets of a  Book Lover right now. I have about eight more stops on the tour. You can locate them under the Upcoming Events tab on this blog. They'll be excerpts, reviews and interviews. 

And, I have two upcoming releases scheduled for November and December. Stay tuned for excerpts and character introductions real soon.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Stay inspired...


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