Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome September...

I'm a Fall kinda girl. I won't lie. There's something about a routine that does it for me. Notebooks, #2 pencils and the big yellow school bus makes me smile. Sorry Jake and Cole, mommy loves you long time so you know the meaning, but it was time for you to go back to school. There's only so many days (85 to be exact) where I can take the inevitable question, "What are we doing today?"

Now that the lunches are made and the bus as pulled away from the curb I can write! Seven hours of uninterrupted writing time. I can't contain myself! My biggest problem is...what do I write first?  I have four major plot lines running through my head as we speak.

My YA vamp story A Vampire's Soul is being revised. I was almost finished but then the word count on the submission call was upped from 25K to 60K...big difference there. So now I need to revamp (yes, I went there). But its all good because there was so much more I could do with this story and the extra word count will lend itself useful. I just need to plot it out.

In the meantime, another contemporary romance seeped into my brain. I've said before that I build whole stories around a few words of dialogue. This is one such case. I was sitting on the beach last week and the voices started and I had to run back to my hotel and jot down what they were saying. (My husband has learned to live with this quirk of mine!) I don't have a title yet and I haven't even started chapter one but I plan to rectify that today. I'll keep you posted.

 Happy Fall! Think changing leaves, pumpkins, apple cider and fireplaces. So much inspiration!


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