Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's My Birthday and I'm giving away a Book!

It's my party and I love presents!

So in honor of my **BLEEP** Birthday I'm giving away an Ebook copy of Jocelyn's Choice!

Blurb ...

Jocelyn Andrews, a shy, awkward, high school senior, has never even been on a date until she meets Alex Jordon, the older, more experienced brother of her best friend Evan. Jocelyn falls hard for the charming player and wants to explore all of the “firsts” that go along with young love. Alex has no problem showing her what she’s been missing.
Alex is captivated by young, innocent Jocelyn and to his own surprise, only has eyes for her.  One night of careless passion leads to a life-altering dilemma. Alex must head back to Yale to finish an internship, having no idea what he’s left behind. Jocelyn must decide what to do on her own, forcing her to grow up much faster than she anticipated.
Reality sets in, decisions are made and Jocelyn has to live with her choices. Alex returns home to more than he ever bargained for.  Young love has never been more complicated as they deal with a teen pregnancy, social barriers, and concerned family members. Life sometimes throws a curve ball, but the unexpected isn’t always bad.

All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me about your favorite Birthday memory.  It can be sweet, funny, sexy or silly.  Be sure to leave your e-mail address in the comment and will pick one winner.

I look forward to hearing from you!



  1. This last birthday when Jackson sang me happy birthday at the Roxy!

  2. Yes, that would be a very sweet birthday:) Thanks for sharing;)

  3. On my 23rd Birthday, I got to hear my Father's voice for the first time. It was Birthday I will never forget.

  4. Sneaky and Snarky - that's a very touching b-day memory:)

  5. I hope you that you have wonderful birthday!

    My favorite birthday would have the be a tie between my last one when I turned 20, and when I was 15. Some of my closest friends at the time decorated the downstairs in pink for me, and made me a cake that although didn't turn out great after being smashed, tasted great. My 15th birthday is so special to me because it's the last time I've really been able to see my dad because he's really sick and can't stay home. It was the last quality time we spent together. He took my two best friends and I out to an arcade for games and cake.

    My email address is

  6. Hey Tiffany,

    They both sound like really wonderful birthday memories esp the one with your dad! Thanks for sharing!


  7. My best birthday memory is the one, X years back, when I came home from work and my wife told me that we were going out. I had fifteen minutes to shower and get ready, and then she told me to get in the car and start driving.
    We must have driven for forty-five minutes, and I had no clue where we were going. I turned when she said to, and that was that.
    Imagine my surprise when she directed me to pull into the parking lot of a local strip club! When we got inside, she ordered me a Scotch and told me to pick any dancer I wanted for a lap dance. I selected a Romanian lady named Yuliana (I'm guessing at the spelling) and she watched as Yuliana danced for me. Then we went out for a late dinner and back to the house, where the rest of the night was even MORE memorable!
    Happy Birthday, Ella!

  8. Wow J.S.! That's a pretty hot bday memory! Your wife is a better woman than I! lol Thanks for sharing!

  9. Happy Birthday, Ella. I hope it's a great one :) I've never had a very memorable birthday but hey I'm still young. But I loved J.S's story, lol.

  10. Thanks for the wishes Heather! Yes, I agree, J.S. is quite the entertainer;)

    I'll be back later today to announce the winner:)