Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What an Exciting Day!

As if publishing Jocelyn's Choice wasn't enough (I'm still floored by that), I was just offered a contract on a story I started writing last October. It was one of those books where I'd write a few paragraphs and then put it away to work on something else. I'd go back to it every so often until I finally completed it.  It evolved from a 19K short to being about a 50K novel. When I first wrote it, I started in first POV because that was the only way I ever wrote anything, but as the story progressed, so did I. I realized  to get the full effect of the plot, it needed to be told from 3rd POV.

Details will follow, but I just wanted to share my news. The book is called Be My Everything and its erotic fiction with a BDSM theme.

I'll keep you updated!



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  2. OMGawd, Steph! I'm so f'in proud of you! You're becoming a superstar! Will it be ebook & soft/hardcover? I'm so excited for you! I've read all of your other FICS & you're an awesome writer! You deserve it all!

  3. Thanks long time friend! You know I appreciate your support. This one will be in EBook format as well. Stay with me and I'll provide all the details:)