Sunday, June 5, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps...

So, the hubs and I took an overnight trip to NYC this weekend. We had a blast! Had a really nice dinner and took in the matinee of Jersey Boys (great show, btw and I highly recommend it). It was a quick trip, but just enough to refresh and rejuvenate.

But, I learned a very valuable lesson as a soon-to-be newly published author.  Don't go anywhere but your own backyard the weekend before your book is scheduled to release! REVISIONS! REVISIONS! REVISIONS! Now, mind you, the trip was planned, tickets were bought, and reservations were made long before I signed the contract, but now I know! I'll chalk it up to being a newbie!

I learned the hard way why NYC is the city that never sleeps. Although, I must say it was kinda cool overlooking Times Square from the 45th floor at 1 in the morning as I feverishly worked to make my MS shine. As frazzled as I was (my husband can attest), it was an exciting feeling. One I certainly wouldn't trade. I felt like a real writer, trying to meet a real deadline.

Oh wait! **face palm** I am a real writer!
I hope you'll all agree!


  1. A lot of people mistake aspiring to publication for being a "real" writer. This has always stuck in my craw a little. In my opinion, if you're writing, you're a writer. An author. Whatever. You're not "aspiring" to anything; you're doing it. Now, there are good writers, and poor ones. Either way, it's irrelevant now.
    You've made it!

  2. Finally this great writer has a published novel!! I now have Jocelyn's Choice on my Desktop. Love that Ella Jade! ****Aunt Barb****