Monday, May 30, 2011

Now It Feels Real...

It wasn't hearing the acquisitions editor was recommending my story for contract that did it for me. And, I still didn't believe it when I signed the contract. Perhaps I'm stubborn, but I was still in denial when my MS came back with the first round of edits two weeks ago. Me? A published author. Couldn't be! Not that all of those experiences weren't wonderful, but I just couldn't grasp it.

But, when I got this beautiful cover in my in-box today, I actually screamed out loud.  I had one of those aha! moments. That's my story title with my name up there. It must be real!

I have to thank the extremely talented Fiona Jayde for bringing my vision to life. When I saw the cover, I thought, it's so clean and fresh. It was exactly what I was trying to capture in this novel. I immediately saw my characters, Jocelyn and Alex, come to life.

Okay...I'm ready for the next step...
(I think)

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