Monday, September 7, 2020

The WAIT is Finally Over! #newrelease #0.99 @ellajade1

 Have you been WAITING FOR MAX

The wait is finally over! Waiting for Max is live!

Maxwell Clark wasn’t supposed to be the man of my dreams. He doesn’t do relationships. He’s made that abundantly clear. When I was eighteen, I let him take my virginity. Five years later, he’s taken my heart, mind, and soul but he has no idea how much I love him. 

He was my first… my only.

We always want what we can’t have…

Maxwell Clark has finally come home from England to help his older brothers run the family business. Together the three of them dominate the DC political consulting world. Every influential politician wants to be represented by the Clark Brothers. Max isn’t feeling the new job. He isn’t sure where he fits in. He’s used to drinking hard, partying even harder, and dealing with the consequences later. That’s until he realizes the one constant in his life might not be waiting for him.

Rayne Stanford is moving forward and trying to forget the years she’s spent waiting for Max. Does she love him? Absolutely. They share an interesting past. But, that doesn’t mean she can’t get on with her life even if he is coming home. She’s given him plenty of time to get himself together and realize she’s the only one for him. When he was in England their reunions were fleeting and fun but now that he’s back can she continue pretending that he’s just a good time? Everyone has limits. Maybe it’s time she started testing hers.

***Featuring Jameson and CC from Do Bad Things and Miles and Kirsten from Dirty Lessons.

***All Books in this series stand alone.

***Contains adult content.

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