Thursday, May 21, 2020

Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

In celebration of hitting the USA Today list for Romantically Ever After, I'm doing a giveaway because I know my fellow authors and I couldn't have hit the list without the readers!!!

Who wants to win my swag bag? 

What do you get?

✅ A reusable Do Bad Things Bag
✅ A Signed Print Copy of Mafia Heat: Vincenzo
A Clark Brothers Mug
Waiting for Max Magnet
✅ Bookmarks/pens
✅ Bath and Body Works Hand Soap and Sanitizer
✅ Signed Swag

How to you win?

👍🏻 Follow me on Bookbub
👍🏻 Like Me on FB
👍🏻 Let me know if you've had a chance to check out Romantically Ever After

👍🏻 BONUS ENTRY: Sign up for my NL

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